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Mardaani 2 Review: A Ray of hope for franchise to take away 'Best Film' award

Rani Mukerji's Mardaani 2 is a psychologically enthralling crime drama that keeps you gripped in anger: Ratings: 4/5


A franchise needs no introduction, and this sequel will grip your senses at the right points. A must watch film that will knock you into the abyss of predicament...

A psychologically enthralling crime drama that keeps you gripped in anger. 

The film starts off with a bang since the very first scene... Considering you've already watched the trailer, of Mardaani 2 the movie is bound to send shivers down your spine. Infact, Bollywood has lacked such crime thrillers for a very long time and this might be the breakthrough Vishal Jethwa has been seeking. 

The film has been crafted with right sense of detailing and the story does not derail the thought process of an antagonist. It keeps the film in the under the boundaries of the focal point.  Director Gopi Puthran has made sure each and every scene is contoured according to the cognitive process of the characters. Justifying these actions is really crucial. The way each and every factor has been taken into consideration before the initiation of a crime sketches the credibility. There are no rooms for lose ends and this ubiquitous plot has been narrowed down thoughtfully! 

There are a few errors but they can be ignored!

The casting director definitely deserves a round of applause for casting actors according to the specific set of barriers that have been provided to define the plot. Aesthetic scale has been set at the right mark as the acting seems to be the main criteria for an actors hunt. 

Vishal Jethwa has set the mark with his acting and this young man looks horrifying. He has the guts to go head on with shivani's character. As a matter of fact, You can see lunacy in his eyes.

Without a doubt Rani looks extravagant and this has turned out to be one of her best performances so far. The actress has offered scene with single take and the perfection she has attained is enormous. 

In conclusion, the film is strategically planned as the addition of challenging hurdles makes the film more authentic. Connecting the dots is way more difficult when the killer is right in front of you but Gopi has managed to do it perfectly. 

The director has avoided using cuss words to feature the conflict between the protagonist and the antagonist. There is brutality but in the right sense it is way too subtle. It can be termed as a family thriller provided you allow your kids to watch. This is Socially Empowering and there is no addition of toxic feminism. 

Ratings: 4/5


Rani Mukerji Mardaani 2 

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Shaina_b 7 months ago Seems good to have a movie on this topic!!!!
Hallyumint 7 months ago I disagree. To me it's the same as Bhoomi Kaabil Mom Kabir Singh...... There will never be a woman centric film which does not feature sexual violence.
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