Manoj Tiwari exclusively for 9X...

The much loved host of Chak De Bachche has signed an exclusivity contract with 9X. Read on to now more...

Manoj Tiwari, the king of Bhojpuri films and currently the host of 9X’s reality show Chak De Bachche is creating waves in the television industry too. It has been heard that the actor will soon be seen hosting another reality for the same channel.

A well placed source reveals to us, “Manoj has signed a contract for a year with the channel whereby he will be seen hosting realty shows exclusively for 9X and cannot take up any assignments for any other channels.” So does this indicate a time out from his film career? “No”, replied our source, “He will continue to make movies but when it comes to television shows, he is reserved only for 9X.”

From our sources, we have also learnt that Manoj Tiwari will be giving 46 days of the year to the channel and charging a whopping 3.5 crores for his exclusivity to 9X.

Well, after creating a niche for himself in Bhojpuri films, the actor is set to do the same in Indian television and if we might say, is doing a pretty good job of it too. Great going, Manojji.

Author and Reporter: Binita Ramchandani

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