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Mamta to Die; Narayani Shastri exits from the serial

If sources are to be believed, the protagonist of the serial Mamta is going to be dead in the coming episodes; this will mean we will see the exit of Narayani Shastri from the serial..

Published: Wednesday,Sep 12, 2007 11:12 AM GMT-06:00
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Shreya Creations’ Mamta on Zee TV will go thro’ a major twist very soon. If the news making waves is to be believed, then it looks like the protagonist of the serial Mamta is going to meet her end. It has also been said that Narayani Shastri, who plays the role of Mamta has been sacked from the serial; and the reason stated for this sudden decision, is her demand for huge money.

Mamta to Die; Narayani Shastri exits from the serial
But according to our sources, the exit of Narayani Shastri from the serial was an amicable decision taken by both the actress and the production house, because the script is now gearing up for the death of Mamta. As of now, the story in the serial is poised at a critical stage wherein Mamta is kidnapped by an unknown person. The creatives have now decided to kill the central character of the serial Mamta, in the coming episodes, and this will mark the end of the sincere, loving and caring mother and wife, Mamta. However, Narayani Shastri refused to comment on this.

Now, with the very essence and central character gone from the serial, how is the story track going to move? As the viewers are left to ponder, the only thing that comes to mind is that, the story from now, might just have to carry on with the very emotion of the ‘Mamta’ of Mamta and progress..

To know more on this tragic twist in the tale of Mamta, keep watching Mamta on Zee TV.

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griffy.fz @griffy.fz 16 years ago mamta without mamta
aint that funny lol
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Chandini @kasamhsefreak 16 years ago OMG ! mamta used to be a really good show ! now it's just.............stupid :S mamta without mamta ???? pathetic ! i dunno what to say :(
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Jessi @mz.jess 16 years ago poor narayani shes dies n every show hmmp. aka piya ka ghar.
bt ye dats gonan be sad.
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hello98 @hello98 16 years ago It is going to be like Tumhari Disha without Disha...by the way at the start of the show Mamta was played by someone else...when did Narayani enter?
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.:Ashi:. @.:Ashi:. 16 years ago she's going to die??
this also happened in piya ka ghar
but w/e i dont watch this show
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Kiran @kimmu 16 years ago I think mamta should go off air now.. its concept is just plain boring now.. and I'm really hating it!
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Harman @Herman_4u 16 years ago the story can still move ahead cuz even maayka's central charac died but it's still doing well. i hope mamta goes off air cuz it really sux.
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Nishtha @Nishtha 16 years ago Arey its easy they will turn the name from just Mamta to...

1.Mamta..ek sangharsh ki kahani
2.Mamta..ek ghar ki kahanii
3.Mamta..ek sachi dastan..

something like this ,thoungh the name i've suggested are pretty blah..lol, par its not difficult to change the name to suit the situation and scenario of the show,many shows did it in past! n recently Virrudh has added few letters as well,its not rocket science hehe just a show ..which is doing good at 7pm just they need is better production value..please pay attenetion to this aspects ,rest is rocking thanks to Andy!!!
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Ankita @anku2cute 16 years ago awww thts sad..but wish Narayani gudluck for future
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Nabihah @Nabihah 16 years ago umm...mamta without mamta?? ermm...What kind of show is this...anyways as Nishta said i guess Akshay could pull it off by himself...but come on mamta is the name of the show...???
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