Mallika will hisss soon!

Sridevi has once done it beautifully on screen. Then even Aruna Irani's small screen show Naagin shows it sometimes.

Sridevi has once done it beautifully on screen. Then even Aruna Irani’s small screen show Naagin shows it sometimes. Guessing what! It’s all about beautiful babes turning into bone chilling reptiles. After othe
r tinsel town ladies it’s now time for our hotty gal Mallika to attain the honour which is even at a larger scale than trend setters. But how?

Hollywood filmmaker Jennifer Lynch is all set to direct a Hindi film called 'Naagin - The Snake Woman' with Mallika Sherawat in the lead.

Jennifer's last film 'Surveillance' starring Bill Pullman and Julia Ormand was premiered at the Cannes Film Festival this year. She is the daughter of Hollywood filmmaker David Lynch.
'Naagin – The Snake Woman' also stars Irrfan Khan in the role of a cop who has been entrusted with the responsibility of destroying naagin's powers. Guess here to witness a fight between Mallika and Irrfan.

Kidding aside, Hollywood's special effects wizard Robert Kurtzman has been roped in for the film to be produced by Ratan Jain of Venus Films. Director of photography Madhu Ambat and Hollywood sound effects specialist Patrick Girardi are also parts of the project.

The shooting of the film will start in the last week of July in a start to finish schedule. Till now, we have loved and endured Mallika for various aspects of her reel life characters and it’s now time for witnessing her hisssssss-ing all around!

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