Mahesh Shetty to spring a surprise in Pavitra Rishta..

Ekta Kapoor has introduced a new character played by Mahesh Shetty in Pavitra Rishta who will have a pivotal role to play in the track that is to come...

These days 'leap' is like just another thing happening on television, or in other words it's a mid way for a new beginning in the serial to keep the audience glued. And this is the same scenario in Zee TV's popular show Pavitra Rishta.

As we know, the divorce track of Manav (Sushant Singh Rajput) and Archana (Ankita Lokhande) has not worked in favour of the show, and the ratings have taken a dip of late.

To salvage some pride, the makers have introduced a new character which is played by noted actor Mahesh Shetty. The actor was introduced in yesterday's episode, and he is the Supervisor in the company where Manav works. He happens to be the boss of Manav, while Archana is his boss.

A little birdie tells us, "This is a sort of secretive character personally introduced by Ekta Kapoor. Jayvant Rana will be shown as a street smart guy who is looking for opportunities to get richer. He will be shown to be a grey shaded character".

When contacted, Mahesh Shetty asserted, "Yes, I'm enacting the role of a manager who has high aspirations from life and has a little grey shade too. In a way I'm the middle man between the main leads because Archana is my boss and I'm Manav's boss; so as of now it's a strong character. Mine is a very important character in this particular track and Ekta has given this huge responsibility to me (smiles)".

Our khabroo states, "As the story unfolds, this guy will create some professional problems for Archana, and apparently Manav will try his level best to shield Archana from the problems she encounters".

We now wonder whether Mahesh's character will turn out to be a catalyst for the union of Manav and Archana!!

Well, let's wait and watch!!

Reporter and Author: Pooja Shenoy.

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Comments (45)


13 years ago

whats this nonsense happening?? how can you show archana and manav as a positive character while they both are spoiling jayant and shravani's life by still meeting each other and showing their love for each other??? why dont you just change everything for the better and get them married to jayant and shravani and keep their promises... you are showing shravani and jayant as negative while these 2 are actually the one going thru hell becoz of archana and manav. seriously no women or man would take this shit from anyone no matter how good or trustworthy they are. You are making Jayant and Shravini look like fools... if you want this serial to move on then do somethin different for a change....

13 years ago

hey Ektaji please change the story now. Need something new. Get Jayant and Archana married. The serial will get more interesting.

13 years ago

I think mahesh is the one...he should get married to archana.. they really look good together... he is an amazing actor.. very goodlooking guy :)

13 years ago

Kuch bhi kar lo. How many new characters ekta will introduce in this show, one thing is sure she will never reunite Archana and Manav. Like before Ekta is again giving hopes to viewers but as usual soon their hopes will be dashed and at the end Manav will marry with Shravani.

13 years ago

hope he unites one of my fav pairs on tv
love sushant...

13 years ago

OH i think he shall be the one too watch out for!!!

13 years ago

O God! me too was wondering if Manav and that villain girl are married. Because she wasn't wearing vermilion. Am now relieved.

Hope this new character reunites ArMan.

13 years ago

hope he turns out a catalyst between the 2!

13 years ago

I have lost hope.....stopped wishing for archana-manav's union......this used to be my favorite watches the show only once or twice in a week......

When will they reunite..!!!!!

13 years ago

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