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Loving the positive feedback from fans: Simran Budharup aka Rishita of Pandya Store

The character of Rishita who was cranky, stubborn and self-centred recently saw a positive change r in Star Plus’ Pandya Store.

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Simran Budharup

Courtesy : Simran's Instagram

Star Plus show Pandya Store has been entertaining the audience since the first episode. The show doesn’t leave a chance to surprise their audiences with unexpected twists and turns.

Recently, in the show, Dev, Raavi, Krish and Shiva get trapped inside Mukhteshwar temple due to extreme weather conditions. Out of everyone lese in the show, Rishita who is usually against the family’s unity apart from being cranky, stubborn and self-centred, rescued the family members from the mishap. Rishita rescues Dev first and later vows to get all the Pandya family members safely out from the temple. Fans loved the sequence and praised Rishita’s character along with Simran’s acting chops.

India Forums got in touch with Simran and asked her about the response she’s getting on the sequence. The chirpy actress added, “I always enjoyed the feedback from the viewers. Initially, I received hate comments but I took it in the positive stride as I believe the character is only hated if the actor is doing a fair job. But, since past two days a lot of love has been pouring in and I’m enjoying all the feedback”.

When asked about her first reaction after reading the script of the sequence, she added, “Someone just mentioned about Rishita riding a tractor and immediately I was beaming with joy and was excited to shoot the sequence. In my native’s place we have huge farms and a tractor too, and I’ve tried my hands on riding a tractor back then which helped me in the scene as well”.

We asked her about which shade of character does she enjoy playing; positive or negative. She said, “Both the shades are in different moods and situations and I enjoy playing both. During the negative shade, the scenes get intense and hence it becomes interesting and fun to play the character”.

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SlytherInMe. 8 days ago Love Simran Buddharup in the show Pandya Store !
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mpks1 9 days ago Love Simran Buddharup, she is doing an amazing job as Rishita! Love Pandya store and it’s cast members.
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GrilledCheese 9 days ago Loving the entire cast of pandya store 💖
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ReemShah 10 days ago I hope she does not end up doing something which will make all her hard work go to drain
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ReemShah 10 days ago Rishita has show character developement in the show--while others still remain the same
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raindropsroses 10 days ago Loving the change in Rishita ❤️
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Forbidden_Rose 10 days ago As an avid viewer of “Pandya Store”, I’m absolutely delighted that Rishita’s atonement track has begun. I believe PS has a lot of potential, and I would love to see it climb up into top 5. The show has ample love, family values, nok-jhok, comic relief, steamy scenes for shippers, it’s a full package. Anupamaa ko takkar dene wala show hai ye. #PandyaStoreFan 🌷✨
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RadiantSpark 10 days ago Love her and her character in PS. She is the very few people from PS who could talk sense with no glorifcation.
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Shivi_forever 10 days ago Love entire team of Pandya Store
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