Love is in the Air for Ranveer - Ragini in Bidaai...

A beautiful love story will kick-off between Ranveer and Ragini in Bidaai which will be flagged by an interesting promo that will be aired on Star Plus from July 8th.. Get an insight on the love track here...

Rajan Shahi’s Sapna Babul Ka… Bidaai which has appealed to the masses with its simplicity and freshness will now spread the fragrance of ‘Love’ with a very cute love track blooming between the protagonists Ranveer and Ragini, played by Kinshuk Mahajan and Parul Chauhan. This major track will be flagged off with a new promo that will be aired on Star Plus from July 8th…

The one thing that stands out is that this is the very first time that a promo has been shot by the production house and not by the channel. This very unique promo was shot by Director’s Kut(Rajan Shahi’s Production House) and the masterly stroke of directing this promo comes from Mr. Romesh Kalra, who is also the Director of Bidaai. The man to do the honors behind the camera is Mr. Neeraj Balyan who is reportedly the cinematographer of Rajan Shahi’s upcoming serial on Star Plus.

We talked to Rajan Shahi, Producer and Series Director of Bidaai to know more on the love track. “Bidaai will have a two-sword edge from now on, as the beautiful love story of Ranveer-Ragini kicks off. We are giving the needed grandeur to the love track which will be musical, with many twists interwoven”, quotes Rajan Shahi. Giving an insight to the love story, Rajan says, “Ragini and Ranveer will fall in love without exactly knowing who the other person is and the main catalyst to this love story will be Sadhana. If you look at the promo pictures you will understand that Ragini and Ranveer start off as phone friends. But there are few incidents when the two meet, but then you need to see these cute incidents to know what’s exactly happening there”.

Lastly, when we ask him about the cut-throat competition coming his way with Ekta’s Mahaabhaarat launching today, Rajan says, “I am glad that new ideas are flowing in and big budget shows are coming up. I wish the show all the very best. I always believe in giving my best to work and I am doing just that. So the launch of new shows does not bother me much”.

It’s surely a double dose for the audience now as the love tracks of Alekh-Sadhana and Ranveer-Ragini open up!! For now, get your interest levels up as you view the pictures of the promo that will start airing on Star Plus from July 8th...

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Comments (33)

kewllllllllllllllllllll..dey make a cute pair :d i was waiting for this pair since ages!

15 years ago

i hate this jodi of ranvir/ragini its like naan(ranvir) kabab(ragini) yuck! lol makes me puke on ragini.

15 years ago

Since I don't like Ranbir, I have to sit through more of his awful acting, and him making ugly faces. I was hoping they would find someone better for Ragini.

15 years ago

wowiee they both luk soo damnn cute...the promo is simply too cute n romantic :)

15 years ago

yayyy finally these two will make such a cute couple...n for sure bidaai is gonna crush mahabharat it's such a fresh and sweet serial i mean just look at the two sweet couples in it...can't wait to c that promo

15 years ago

Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww interesting..awww i had an inkling kuch aisa hi hoga:D..happy for both of them..

x Mrs.KaranSinghGrover x

15 years ago

that's very interesting...i like ragini very much....and much love for her....take care...

15 years ago

d new track is sounding quite intresting

15 years ago

Finally!! waitng for looongggggg!!!...alekhh sadhna rocked on n now its ranveer-ragini's turn...

15 years ago

they look cute together...
i was waiting for it...

15 years ago

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