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Love at first sight is not happening Sonal Chauhan

In my childhood, when I was in my second standard, I liked a boy. After growing up a bit I felt really affected with Shah Rukh Khan. I still feel that Shah Rukh is the most intelligent and charming man in this country.

Published: Tuesday,Jun 03, 2008 11:21 AM GMT-06:00
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Q. Please tell us about you…
A. I am basically from Agra but I was brought u in Delhi. Even my schooling was in Delhi. At present I am doing my graduation in Philosophy from Delhi University. After winning the title of Miss World Tourism in 2005, I came to Mumbai. Reaching Mumbai I started modeling for brands like Nokia, Airtel and Diet Pepsi. At the same time I was chosen as the brand ambassador for Ponds. My father is a police officer in UP and my mother is a homemaker.

Q. There are many faces that join the modeling industry but very few of them make their identity in this field. Where do you see yourself?
A. It’s tough for me to tell you anything about that as because this is my first film. I’ll try on making my own space in this industry. I am even ready to give extra time for getting my desired position in this industry.

Q. How did your family react to your decision of joining film industry?
A. They were really against me on my decision of joining modeling as because I am the only girl from my family to join it. Modeling and acting were very same to them. Everybody is well aware of the gloomy side of this glamorous industry. They wanted me to be docto

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r or engineer. They thought that I am too immature to take such a decision. But when they saw that I can handle myself in this industry, they started supporting me.

Q. Are you dreaming of joining glamour industry since your childhood?
A. Truly speaking, I never cherished such a dream but whenever I came to see any image of model in any magazine, I felt attracted to them. And I knew that despite having a wish, I could not do that. I always believe that there is a power that helps me deciding on every matter.

Q. You are from the world of modeling. Do you believe that reservation is required to switch in your career from modeling to acting?
A. My family also believed in the same theory. They also thought that for me it’s going to be very tough to become actress as I had none in the industry. That’s the reason they defied my decision. I have never done anything against my family and neither will I do anything like that. I convinced them a lot and then came with my mother to take part in the Miss India contest.

Q. When your family was so against your modeling career then how come you took part in it?
A. I used to take part in few modeling assignments during my college days. My mother had no problem with that since she was okay with me enjoying my vacations. Only my sister knew about my wish to become a model and she sent my photograph to the Miss India contest. It’s only after receiving a phone call from them that I realized the matter. But to attend the contest I had to work very hard in convincing my family.

Q. Do you have boyfriend?
A. Fortunately I am still single. To be very frank, I see a lot of engaged people around me and I know very well about the tough sides of those relationships. Keeping that suffering in mind, I think, better I stay alone.

Q. Do you believe in love at first sight?
A. Not at all. You may just start feeling attracted to someone with your first sight but falling for someone is absolutely impossible.

Q. Who was your first crush?
A. In my childhood, when I was in my second standard, I liked a boy. After growing up a bit I felt really affected with Shah Rukh Khan. I still feel that Shah Rukh is the most intelligent and charming man in this country.

Q. Have you ever gone through any training for acting?
A. Not till now but I will surely do that if required. I was learning Kathak for a few days but had to leave it as to start shooting for Jannat.

Q. Which does mean most to you – big banner or character?
A. Character, of course.

Q. The type of films you would love to do…
A. I just have started my career in films and it’s quite tough for me to decide on that. But one thing is for sure that I don’t want to appear on screen as just a glamour doll. I would love be part of arties provided, someone allows me a chance.

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