Lord Krishna is born on COLORS..

Tune in to 'Jai Shri Krishna' at 8.00pm. on 1st August on COLORS to catch the glorious spectacle of Lord Krishna's birth.

Be a part of the glorious spectacle of Lord Krishna's birth in 'Jai Shri Krishna' at 8 PM on August 1st on COLORS...

Lord Krishna was born on Wednesday, the eighth day of second fortnight in Sravana month in the year of Visvavasu around 3227 BC, also known as Dwapur Yug. His mother Devaki and father Vasudev are behind bars, imprisoned by the evil Kans. Devaki is about to give birth and Vasudev attempts to help her. As night wears on, a storm rages outside and torrential rain blinds the countryside. Suddenly smoke envelops the dark prison cell and spreads everywhere knocking the guards unconsciousness. In this while, Devaki gives birth to Baalak Krishna. The prison walls glow with the aura of the new born infant. Vasudev lays Krishna in a wicker basket and escapes the prison. He crosses the river Yamuna amidst thunder and lightning while Sheshnaag shelters baby Krishna from the raging elements. Vasudev reaches Yashoda’s house and replaces baby Krishna with baby Yogmaya. He rushes back to Mathura and places her next to Devaki. The next morning, Kans arrives at the prison and throws the baby on the ground but baby Yogmaya flies out of his grip leaving Kans shocked and dismayed.

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Aw.. what a cute bacha.. thanks for the article!

15 years ago

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