Legendary Actress Mumtaz' death hoax SHATTERS everyone

Legendary Bollywood Actress Mumtaz becomes the victim of death hoax...

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In what can be termed as a shocking news, various messages about legendary Bollywood actress Mumtaz passing away started making rounds on Friday night.

Stories about the actress facing a cardiac arrest in her sleep were being circulated on various social media platforms.

The message read: "Dear All I am sorry to share that Mumtaz is no more. She passed away early today morning. Cardiac Arrest in her sleep. The funeral is likely to be on Saturday, as they are waiting for her daughter to reach Mumbai from the US. Will share details once things are fixed."

The whole of media, her fans and near and dear ones were shattered by these messages. Everyone tried reaching out to her family members but none were available for confirmations.

However, it is now confirmed that the actress is all hale and hearty. A source close to the family has confirmed that with God's grace Mumtazji is in good health and all the stories about her are nothing but just rumors.

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Why do people spread rumors like these? What do they gain? Do they really want these actors to die because they have grown old? Such people need help.

5 years ago

I missed the word HOAX when I first read the title and I almost had a heart attack

Hope she lives a long happy life

5 years ago

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