Laali steals the show in L'il Champs..

Laali aka Ratan Rajput's catchy dance numbers and cat walks impress all in Zee TV's SaReGaMaPa L'il Champs..

Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo's Laali who has become the favorite of all, will be seen shaking her legs this week in Zee's SaReGaMaPa L'il Champs.

Along with her will be seen the famous Bhojpuri actor and singer, Manoj Tiwari. With the theme set for Folk Songs this Friday, Lalia and Manoj proved to be a hot combination as they shook their legs and cast their magic spell.

According to our source, "Laali cheered the girls while Manoj encouraged the boys. Manoj Tiwari sang an electrifying Bhojpuri folk song for which Laali aka Ratan Rajupt danced magnificently. Ask Ratan about it, and she says, "His song was so magnetic that I had to give it my tumkas. We even danced with matkas on our head".

"I have never got a chance to see the show, but when I heard all the contestants sing, I was shocked seeing their voice quality. Though I don't have any knowledge about singing, I love to hear songs, and I had a gala time out there. The little kids made me do all sorts of things on the sets, I just can't even explain (smiles)", states Ratan.

The best part was when little Afsha taught Ratan the trademark cat walk which she had earlier learned from Priyanka Chopra. "Yes, Afsha is a bundle of talent, she would not leave me till I learned her cat walk style (laughs)", adds in Ratan.

While Friday's episode has the exuberant combination of Ratan Rajput and Manoj Tiwari, Saturday will see the 'Serial Kisser' Emraan Hashmi take center stage along with Soha Ali Khan to promote their film 'Tum Mile'.

According to our source, "There will be no elimination this week. Shreyasi who for the very first time in the tenure of L'il Champs sang an English number in 'My Heart will go on' from the movie Titanic, was declared the 'Champ of the Day. Yatharth and Swarit Shukl were in the danger zone this week".

Catch all the music and fun 'Hero Honda Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L'il Champs' this week…

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Comments (8)

Ratan u were simply rocking on the show!!

14 years ago

I love this Laali, such a magical actor. Really takes whatever she does very seriously. I just adore her.

14 years ago

welcome to Laali in SA RE G M PA l'il champs but Yatharth should not come in danger zone next week.

14 years ago

Have never heard of these ppl before...weird...

14 years ago

aada the show is going to air this friday, sept 25th.

14 years ago

Thanks for giving the details.
Ratan is truly a rock star!!

Can't wait for her to watch in Lil Champs.

But how come there is no elimination?

14 years ago

I knew dat ratan was cumin to sare gama pa lil champs but didnot knew dat emran and soha are cumin dere too 2 promote dere movie tum mile :D m now excited to see all 3 of dem my 3 favs

Ratan is mindblowing she always makes me laugh I juz love her... ..

14 years ago

Not surprised at all :) Ratan is fun to watch... very bubbly and very lively. loved her in DKD and am really looking forward to watch her on l'il champs :D

14 years ago

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