Kundali Bhagya: Shaurya thinks of a sinister plot to frame Rajveer

In the episode of Zee TV’s show Kundali Bhagya, Shaurya was seen thinking of a sinister plan to frame Rajveer.

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Naseer Ali and Paras Kalnawat

Shaurya confronts his friends about their betrayal, expressing anger at their lack of individual thought. Despite their attempts to calm him down, Shaurya reveals a dark plan involving framing Rajveer as a drug peddler. Sandy proposes fabricating evidence against Rajveer, leaving Shaurya conflicted but intrigued by the potential consequences. As they plot this dangerous scheme, Shaurya reflects on a second chance to achieve his goals, emphasizing the importance of catching Rajveer and Shanaya together.

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In another part of the story, the Luthra family unexpectedly visits Gurpreet's house to discuss Rajveer and Palki's marriage. Rakhi apologizes for the sudden intrusion but suggests the idea of a Roka for Rajveer and Palki alongside Shaurya and Shanaya. Gurpreet, initially puzzled, eventually gives her approval, expressing happiness at the prospect. The families celebrate the impending engagements, unaware of the complex emotions brewing within the characters.

Meanwhile, Karan and Rishab mockingly discuss their mother's impulsive decisions, anticipating her return with news of Shaurya and Shanaya's engagement. Karan is taken aback when he learns about Rajveer and Palki's potential Roka. As the events unfold, tensions rise, relationships are tested, and hidden feelings begin to surface, setting the stage for a series of dramatic developments in the characters' lives.

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