Kunal Kapoor to enter Meet Mila De Rabba tonight..

Kunal Kapoor, the handsome Yudi of Left Right Left is back in action...

Kunal Kapoor, the handsome Yudi of Left Right Left is finally back to television, as he enters Sony's Meet Mila De Rabba tonight.

As Telly Buzz had reported earlier, the young lad will be seen in a new avtar, and will play a grey shade. "My character name is Monty, and he is Gyanji's (Raza Murad) youngest son. He is very snobbish, mean who always thinks of himself. He does not get along with people easily", explains Kunal on his character in the show.

"Monty was studying in the USA and will be back after finishing his studies. He is a type of person who is not used to living with his family", adds Kunal.

Kunal took a long break after Left Right Left. "Actually after LRL, I decided to take a break, so refused plenty of shows that came my way then. But when I got back, I did not get the role I wanted. But when I heard the narration of my character in Meet, I decided to take it up. I did not even wait to go thro' the script", quips the actor.

He will sport a different look in the show. "I am a cool dude, seen in a different style altogether. I wear jackets and have a new hair style too", adds he.

The twist in the tale for Kunal was that, his shoot got canceled due to the strike, date problems etc, not once or twice but for 17 times, before he finally gave his first shot for the show.

It's now all's well that starts well for Kunal, as he makes his entry in the show today!!

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Kunal Karan Kapoor

Comments (12)

HOPE to see you back soon Kunal Karan Kapoor.

5 years ago

Their lost that you left Kunal Karan Kapoor.

5 years ago

I like your acting and look in meet mila de rabba... You are awesome, Kunal Karan Kapoor

7 years ago

Hoping for a news about your come back soon...Kunal Karan Kapoor.

7 years ago

Kunal Karan Kapoor ,,i wish you all the best!

8 years ago

Kunal Karan Kapoor you are very talented ! your way of acting is awesome!! i admire you a lot

8 years ago

gr8 2 see him after a long time!

15 years ago

i thnk the story is gud its just that the acting needs to be polished and not so theaterish..............the actors could''ve been better but i guess their not bad..........i love rajshree in the show she great.............others are ok............

15 years ago

It''ll be nice seeing him after such a long time!

15 years ago

this show is not actually all that bad,
anyway, looking forward to seeing his characer

15 years ago

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