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Kumkum.. Heading for a Tragic End?

Here's a lowdown of the turn of events in the lives of the lead pair, Sumit & Kumkum, in Star Plus' afternoon daily - Kumkum Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan! Read on to find out what's happening..

Published: Saturday,Feb 16, 2008 18:54 PM GMT-07:00
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Fans of Star Plus' afternoon daily, Kumkum-Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan are in for some surprises and action-packed weeks ahead..some heartbreaking moments and intense drama. So what's going to happen in the lives of Sumit & Kumkum? Lets find out..

Our source close to the production house, had this to say about the current track involving Pulkit's obsessive love towards Kumkum and how Sumit & Kumkum battle it out..

"Well, in the coming weeks viewers are in for some action packed scenes and moments involving Pulkit, Sumit & Kumkum. As Rohit Dev, Pulkit befriends Sumit and in order to enter Wadhwa house kidnaps Kumkum and keeps her in a hideout. Pulkit offers to help Sumit in his lookout for Kumkum but then comes a point where Sumit begins to doubt Pulkit, when during a meeting Pulkit accidently refers to himself as Pulkit instead of Rohit! This sets the ball rolling for some intense drama and action when Sumit calls Pulkit to a certain place and finally realises Pulkit's true identity and about Kumkum's kidnapping. Sumit & Pulkit get into a tussle and Pulkit shoots Sumit! Fortunately, Sumit escapes unhurt as he's wearing a bullet-proof jacket underneath his shirt. Pulkit escapes and Sumit follows him, leading to the hideout where Pulkit has kept Kumkum. Eventually Sumit saves Kumkum from Pulkit; both escape and get into a cave/khandar. What happens after that is for the viewer to know when the time comes"

On being probed further about rumours surrounding the leads, Sumit & Kumkum's death, our source confirmed the news saying, "Yes, Sumit & Kumkum are going to die in the show. But when & how is yet to be decided. You have to wait & watch!"

So is the Sumit-Kumkum love story poised for a tragic end? Is their death track, a ploy to have them disappear for a while only to return as themselves? Or will they die to be reborn again? What about the Wadhwa family? And the new generation actors? So many questions, to which viewers will find answers in due course of time. For sure, Kumkum fans have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks.

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh Author: Ekta

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bharat pandey
bharat pandey @bharat pandey 15 years ago please bring all old character before finishing this serial sumit kumkum
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Riya @prety 15 years ago Hello everyone
Eh guys dont very kumkum and sumit will be back soon. Our loves bring them back
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San @sanw 15 years ago so finally the story is moving towards some action planned drama
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Uzma @desifairy1 15 years ago oh god... hope the story aint gonna be like Kajjal.. just keep them alive!! why are u killin them? stupid drama :@
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Rahila @Rah_HuJu 15 years ago SuKk depict eternal love....they just cannot die coz they live in our hearts...they will be back better & stronger in love than before....
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Nosheen @Nosh007 15 years ago ow i dnt want Sumit and kumkum to die kumkum serial will never be the same again after that
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Adnan @PZ156 15 years ago you guys won't believe the other day i had a dream about Kumkum and Sumit dying at the end, this is sooooooo weired
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Shiva Chauhan @pikablu 15 years ago Stop saying Kumkum is copying BMTD, it was not BMTD's idea, it was Ekta's idea (first used in her old serial Kahin Kisi Roz, then in KGGK, then in KZK etc.), BMTD is copying older, better shows.
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moon.beam @moon.beam 15 years ago They loved each other very deeply while living, faced all the ups and downs together w/o a misunderstading or a slight dip in their love and now upto face the death together...... there can be no better end for their love - even death was not able to separate them is better than living happily ever after
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Aashish @aashish12 15 years ago kumkum, how are you? what are you doing now? I am very happy to see you..... u very nice picture ok byee..
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