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#KuchBhi: This Week's HIGHLY IMAGINATIVE Scenes That Go Too Far!

'Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?' makes the cut in its very first week

*Disclaimer: The following content is a light reflection that leaves out any scope for critique. We are strictly talking puzzling moments that may come as a shock to the viewers.

Kuch Bhi has us reading between scenes and pondering over the little moments and missteps that give you the picture of how far TV goes to prove that anything can and will happen on screen. We cannot really blame the makers (they probably won't see it through the high-voltage drama) and accept the glitches as they come. 

This week we see a lot of imaginative sequences. If you think there are limits and certain things are impossible, think again! From flying chairs to a couple of shattered ribs, here's your weekly dose of kuch bhi scenes-

These glass-shattering tantrums on Ishqbaaaz

Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) may be really pissed off, but since his expressions won't make the cut the makers had to go on and give us some drastic moves to shake us up and announce his tantrums. It all began with Shivaay throwing a glass in the restaurant because he got oh-so-jealous seeing Anika (Surbhi Chandna) with Mr. Malhotra and probably that wasn't a big enough noise so he goes back to the Oberoi mansion and this happens- 

He hurls a chair and it goes on in slow motion to spin towards a glass wall. The whole wall bursts into shards of glass (which is not possible considering the size of impact) and the sound startles Jhanvi and Pinky downstairs. Things are super slow now since even after Pinky goes "yeh awaaz kaha se aayi" the glass is still falling. This happens almost twice and serves as cover up for Shivaay who barely looks affected, let alone enraged.

Also, the glass is falling so far from the region of impact, it's too imaginative to be real! 

When you fight with your sibling and need to show them their place

There are some serious territorial wars going on in Zindagi Ki Mehek. Mohit has sold off the family's food truck and everyone is naturally miffed at him throwing away all the hard work that was passed on by Mehek (Samiksha Jaiswal). Such an intervention would have been enough to get into physical fights and get lawyers involved. However, in spite of the mature behavior, the concluding solution was this- 

They actually drew out a boundary with a rope and divided a small portion of the house for the alleged traitors of the family. Sonal's mother even went on to throw major shade on the family on the other side of the line during breakfast-

We like how they grumpily sit in the morning with cold revenge served for breakfast. 
These comic panel worthy action scenes on Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?- 

For those who had high hopes from the show, we hate to break it to you that the only boundaries they're pushing are that of reason. Advay (Barun Sobti) is an episode old and he is already raising the bar of imaginary strength assigned to actors on screen. While we have no problem believing he could send a few goons flying; them being catapulted by a single flick is a little hard to digest. He sent three different men vaulting mid-air towards the ground  in the same manner- 

All this while he was holding on a rope that was used to steady a gigantic statue. All this was after he broke the staircase beneath his foot just by pressing it down while pulling at the rope. 

Before you cry 'kuch bhi' let us tell you, he's a really smart guy, he has it all calculated in his head- 

Told you! *cough* Sherlock *cough* You see? It's not that hard. 

This Bollywood fantasy nobody tells you about! 

Teni (Jasmin Bhasin) said the creepiest thing on Dil Se Dil Tak that was on the liens of - "Shorvari (Rashami Desai) and I can share Parth (Siddharth Shukla) the way sisters share jalebi and imli". We would have easily overlooked the (objectifying) comment had she not played out her fantasy to make us all collectively cringe. 

Earlier in the episode Teni had watched Bajirao Mastani and her head was full of dreams. She decided she could play Mastani to Parth's Bajirao and dressing up like her would help. She imagines herself in a costume playing the guitar while the backdrop had too many pictures of Parth for comfort which were suspended in mid-air. Meanwhile, an unnecessarily back-lit Parth looked on with "why objectify me, bro?" written all over is face. 

Did you catch any of these scenes on TV? Let us know in the comments below- 


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Samira66 2 years ago .BARUN SOBTI is an actor with a unique talent, a man with amazing eyes and a man with a pure heart. He's the best. I am proud of him,,, you are the most amazing actor in the world BARUN SOBTI
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crazy66 3 years ago All the best Samiksha Jaiswal. You are doing a fab job in ZKM.
laila.adel 3 years ago BARUN SOBTI,, The best actor ever
Love you and support you always///
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Commenting for Zindagi Ki Mehek, Karan Vohra and Samiksha Jaiswal.
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