Kshitij Wrap Up: A day of artistic brilliance unfolded with Amit Trivedi, Viraj Ghelani & Ayush Mehra

Day 2 of Kshitij unfolded into a spectacular showcase of intellect, skill, and artistic brilliance with Ayush Mehra, Viraj Ghelani and Amit Trivedi.

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SVKM’s Mithibai College’s International Intercollegiate Cultural festival, Kshitij: A Euphoric Escapade’s Day 2 dawned with a lot of energy and anticipation of what the day had in store for everyone. From a plethora of cultural events to star-studded evenings, the day had something in store for everyone.

On the dynamic Day 2 of Kshitij, the atmosphere was charged with excitement as the event unfolded with thrilling promotions. Viraj Ghelani and Ayush Mehra took the stage, captivating the audience with their charismatic talk show. The conclave, featuring Jemimah Rodriguez, Rushindra Sinha, and Kartik Sabherwal, sparked insightful discussions and left a lasting impact. The day was adorned with the presence of distinguished judges, including Sajid Samji, Ravi Chary, Natik Nagda, and Shahid Mallya, adding a touch of prestige to the event. Kshitij Day 2 was truly a confluence of entertainment, intellect, and star power, making it an unforgettable experience for all attendees.


Day 2 of Kshitij unfolded into a spectacular showcase of intellect, skill, and artistic brilliance. Events like Odyssey of Assets and The Nation Wants To Know brought together sharp minds from diverse corners of the country. Sporting events such as Football and Table Tennis, along with gaming competitions in Valorant and Rocket League, created a dynamic atmosphere filled with enthusiastic participants eager to exhibit their prowess. The fashion extravaganza, Panache, added a touch of glamour, uniting models and fashion enthusiasts for a visually stunning display.The artistic vibes reached new heights with the mesmerizing performances in Bollywood Solo Singing and Jugalbandi, leaving the audience enchanted by the musical prowess on display. Th. K`Escapade maintained its momentum with thrilling competitions, including the Treasure Hunt, while the Micro Short Film event captured captivating glimpses of city life.

The absolute pinnacle of the day, however, was the spellbinding performance by the renowned musician Amit Trivedi. With an aura of charisma and musical genius, Trivedi took center stage, casting a spell on the audience with soul-stirring renditions of "Namo Namo," "Shubharam," "Tu Hi Hai," and "Ud-Da Punjab." His presence added an unparalleled magical dimension to the evening, leaving the crowd in awe and making it a moment to be cherished.

As participants from every corner of the country competed for glory, Day 2 became an unforgettable fusion of intellect, skill, and entertainment.

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