Krushal Ahuja, aka Anirudh, gives insight into his character from his new show Jhanak

Krushal Ahuja, aka Anirudh from Star Plus show Jhanak, gives us an insight into his character from his new show Jhanak and much more.

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Krushal Ahuja

Star Plus is known to deliver extraordinary content and venture into unexplored territory, and Star Plus has brought its audience a new show, Jhanak. Hiba Nawab will be seen essaying the titular role of Jhanak in the show, along with Krushal Ahuja, aka Anirudh, as the main protagonist, and Chandani Sharma will essay the character of Arshi in the show.

Jhanak is the tale of a young girl who dreams of being a dancer but grows up in hardship. Jhanak overcomes all challenges to accomplish her goals and make ends meet, but when tragedy strikes her family, her entire world is shattered, and the helping hand of Anirudh comes forward in order to safeguard Jhanak from the evil intentions of others, only to cross each other's paths once again as strangers. Expect a rollercoaster of emotions as Jhanak's tale demonstrates how she rises from the ashes in a way akin to a phoenix.

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Krushal Ahuja, who plays the role of Anirudh in the Star Plus show Jhanak, gives us an insight into his character. He shares, "I gave the audition and did mock shoots, and in one day, I was finalised for the character of Anirudh in the show Jhanak. I am blessed to work with an amazing production house and look forward to it. Anirudh is a software engineer who is passionate about photography, and he has positive intentions towards life. The audience will get to witness the varied range of emotions of Anirudh."

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