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Kiran Raj OUT on bail; opens up about case filed by ex-girlfriend!

The controversy only seems to get bigger....

Published: Tuesday,Apr 17, 2018 12:58 PM GMT-06:00
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Kiran Raj OUT on bail; opens up about case filed by ex-girlfriend!
Actor Kiran Raj, who is currently seen in Colors Tu Aashiqui, was recently in the news for cheating and assaulting his ex-girlfiend Yasmin Pathan. 
In her report Yasmin had mentioned the two who had met during a shoot in Mumbai and started dating, were in a live in relationship for over 5 years and that Kiran had promised to marry her.

Recently when Yasmin returned to Bengaluru post a shoot in Mumbai on 28th March, Kiran allegedly house-arrested her for physical intimacy. Later on, when Yasmin asked Kiran to marry her again, he refused and according to Yasmin, Kiran assaulted her again. 

Yasmin also mentioned that Kiran and his friends locked her in a house and did not allow her to contact the police. Somehow, Yasmin managed to contact her friend and with her help, she escaped, returning to Mumbai, where she tried to lodge a complaint.

On going to the Oshiwara police station in Mumbai, she was asked to file a complaint in Bengaluru, where the incident took place.

After filing the complaint at Rajarajeshwari Nagar Police Station on Monday, the police arrested Kiran on Tuesday.

Kiran presented us with his side of story. However because the case is still in court Kiran could give us the exact details and the current status.

Kiran reveals, "It wasn't a big deal for me to issue a statement when this issue had occurred.  However, neither me nor my family are brought up with a culture of degrading anyone specially when the person in front of you is a woman.  From childhood the one thing my parents have stressed and taught me is to respect women.  I have always had complete faith and trust on our Indian Judiciary system. The only reason I kept quiet for so long was because  I didn't want a girl to be questioned infront of society.  People tend to pass judgements without ever knowing the actual story from both sides."

Admitting to being in a relationship with Yasmin the actor further elaborates , "Yes I was in relationship with her and we both hid it because we were concentrating on our career. I accept that we were in a relationship but we were never married.  Beyond this all I can is that you will get to know the truth very soon." 

When we probed him about the physical abuse allegations the actor chose to remain tight lipped and said, "As I said you will get to know the truth very soon.  I have full faith in the justice system in our country.  I would rather not comment right now."

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