Kiran and Ritu Janjani, the first jodi to be ousted from Nach Baliye

Eliminations in the Third Season of Nach Baliye start this week.. Read here to know more on the performances this week, and much more...

With extreme reactions from the viewers on the choice of contestants, the third season of Nach Baliye (Star Plus) went on air last week. Then came a volley of more negative reactions on showing the reality episode of Rakhi Sawant and Kashmeera Shah venting fury at each other over a 'silicon' comment after being shown as having patched up in the first episode. The quality of dancing also left most in a state of dismay.

But, viewers are assured of complete entertainment as the jodis face the elimination episode from this week. With marked improved performances, the show seems to pack in its earlier punch. The elimination episode to be telecast on Saturday, September 29 has Kiran Janjani and his wife Ritu being booted out of the show, based on viewer SMS's. It's apparent seeing the look of disbelief on his face that he didn't expect to be out so soon.

If Kashmeera and her boyfriend Krushna scored the highest in the first episode, it is Rakhi and her boyfriend Abhishek Awasthi who get full marks of 30 this week. Kashmeera and Krushna trail behind with 21 points. Close on the heels of Rakhi-Abhishek are Aamir Ali and Sanjeeda with 28 points. A source says that Aamir's performance got him a standing ovation from all present.

Another surprise was Shakti Kapoor performing with his choreographer's assistant. It seems his wife, Shivangi, was laid up in bed with severe backache. The move by the channel to allow Shakti to dance without his partner didn't seem to go down well with the other participants. Director David Dhawan made it clear to Shakti that Shivangi's presence is essential in the next episode.

Among the elements being introduced in the show are tasks and contests between the jodis in order to reach the rounds ahead. Looks like the tagline "Yeh Nach Nahin Aasan' is going to be tested to its last limits. This week, tarot card reader and actress Munisha Khatwani, will also be seen giving her predictions on who are the couples most likely to make it to the final rounds.

Author: Usha Thomas

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Comments (32)

i love jodi#3 rakhi and abhishek they rockkk

16 years ago

As of now, Rakhi-Abhishek and Aamir-Sanjeeda are doing pretty well. In this round, however, Vikas and Amita also danced well.

16 years ago

Jodi no 7 (aamir & sanjeeda) rocked the show

16 years ago

iam just looking forward to see Rakhi-Abhishek in final,nothin else!! and ofcourse dont want to see kashmira in this show.

16 years ago

i'am pretty dissapointed at jodi selections includiding poja bedi,kasmeera,and rakhi. aamir and sanjeeda are the best. I'm glad ritu and kiran are out they don't perform well.

16 years ago

Jodi no.7 truly is the best... cant wait to see the show 2day evening....

16 years ago

Well knew dis coz dey hardly have fanbase as i think..Plus dey werent too gud in d 1st round

16 years ago

Aair n Sanjeeda were the best...
I wanted Kiran n Ritu or Sweta n her english be out...hehe

16 years ago

Glad that Amar-Sanjeeda are doing well... let everyone underestimate them, in the end they could go home the winners!

16 years ago

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16 years ago

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