Khan Banega Crore-'suit'-Pati!

Shah Rukh Khan will don a Rs 1 crore body suit for his upcoming flick Ra-One. Shah Rukh plays...

Shah Rukh Khan will don a Rs 1 crore body suit for his upcoming flick Ra-One. Shah Rukh plays a superhero in this already much promoted movie directed by Anubhav Sinha. It happens to be the most expensive Bollywood costume ever donned for a movie. Shah Rukh Khan however, will remember it for entirely different reasons.

The special body suit was custom made for him in Los Angeles and he  had to enter a chamber filled with hot molten latex for the precise fittings of his superhero suit.

The process involved in creating that suit was something the actor had never experienced before. He was required to lower himself wearing just the bare essentials into a 12X3 chamber while a very warm liquid latex-like material was gradually released in it till it reached his neck. Then it was allowed to solidify. Once the mould was formed, it was slit from the side and slowly peeled off Shah Rukh. The whole painful process took an entire hour, which apparently for SRK could have well been an eternity. The two sides were later joined together with a concealed zipper. The mould was then taken for further modifications to form the final suit which he will be seen wearing in the film.

A source describes the costume hence - The suit is steel blue in colour and made from a special reinforced latex, meant to provide both flexibility and protection. It acts as a tough exoskeleton to minimize external injury while being flexible enough not to hamper body movement while performing stunts. But it didn't come cheap - the suit, fitted with micro-computer circuitry required for the film, cost nearly Rs 1 crore.

For all the hardwork and special effects, here is wishing SRK all the best for

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