Kaun Jeetega Bollywood Ka Ticket meets Mahabharat!

This piece of writing is high on Violence, as Word War-III has been declared recently...Read at your own risk...


'Main tumhe goli mardunga', 'Tum mere liye mar chuke ho', 'Door ho jao meri nazron se'....

No, don't worry we are not writing any script for a Bollywood movie but it seems that the contestants in 9X' Lux Kaun Jeetega Bollywood ka Ticket are very impressed with these one-liners that there is always war of words on the sets. Or is it that these contestants are practicing their dialogues to enter Bollywood?? But it's not only the contestants (be it celebrity or non-celebrity), it's also the judges and mentors who pass remarks on each other on national television!! Being a celebrity and known personality, we expect certain behavior from them. After all, they are idols of many and people look up to them!! This show has crossed all boundaries and shown the true color of various celebrities.

All we want to ask is, does winning and losing gain so much importance that you don't shy away to go to any extent to achieve it??

What kind of example are they setting? As 'yeah jo public hai yeah sab jantee hai...'  You all must have seen them in 'Real' action on stage in the show, now let's catch their vocabulary skills and see how good they are in War of words...

Amrita Singh to Puneet Asrani:

"Aap har jagah Chaudhri Charan Singh ki tarah mike le kar kyon khade ho jate hain" ?

"You've Redifned Ghatiya" 

He needs to be beaten up!

Amrita Singh to Vikas Manektala:
"Stop crying and sit down "


Mahesh Manjerekar to Mayank:
"I will not make you stand, even as junior artist if you act like this"



Puneet Asrani to Jay Bhanushali:
Jay, yeh koi saas bahu wala show nahin hai, jahan tu ro-ro ke patla hogaya !

Naman Shaw to Twinkle and Puneet Asrani:
"humne aavam ke bachcho ko aavam ke paas vapas bhej diya"

Karan Patel to Twinkle-Puneet:
I will work hard only to see Twinkle-Puneet in bottom two

Twinkle Bajpai:
"Negativity gets me more publicity"

Mihika Verma:
Main itni tali nai hoon, ki kisi se kahon '' Take me home baby''

Panchi Bora:
"Shayad log nataunki wale jodiyon ko thode jyada hi pasand karte hai'' 

Are these the new breed of Bollywood actors whom we are supposed to welcome on board?? Is this the way to create an image in front of the audience?? This is just the television audience who are being targeted, but what when the whole world witnesses them?? But one thing is for sure. This shows that no matter what, its the 70mm screen everyone craves for and television is just a stepping stone in their path to pinnacle and they could go to any extent to win this coveted "Ticket"!!

Special Thanks: Ritu (tvfan1401)
Author: Anuradha, Nishtha
Picture Credit: Nishtha
GIF Credit: Anuradha

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Comments (36)

Love u Karan Patel...
U rock...Love u Karan Patel...
U rock...Love u Karan Patel...
U rock...Love u Karan Patel...
U rock...Love u Karan Patel...
U rock...Love u Karan Patel...
U rock...Love u Karan Patel...
U rock...Love u Karan Patel...
U rock...Love u Karan Patel...
U rock...Love u Karan Patel...
U rock...

10 years ago

it a totally fun show and karan said wen twinkle and puneet quited dem selves ''now we''re gonna have fun'' , i had a loud giggles man ... x

15 years ago

Please dont include Karan Patel in your remarks. He was dignified throughout.

15 years ago

don't u know this is kekta maiya's serial and all these scenes were scripted so as to draw more viewers?

15 years ago

this is all prbably scripted...i don't belive this show

15 years ago

This is a horrible with cat fights all the time. these ppl whom we admire and whom love to watch tv r such uncivilised, i wud rather stick to geographic/discovery/history/cartoon/sports/news channels

15 years ago

i totall hate this serial sooo muich fight i have watched some epi and all are full of fights....gawd they are taking reality shows way too far!

15 years ago

i don't find Mayank guilty. its just publicity

15 years ago

Sad to see how this show turned out.Ekta does not know how to do reality shows.She seems to have created all the controversey and provoking the contestants

15 years ago

I saw the clip where Naman and that Mayank dude started grappling... Naman got the upper hand, but he didn't get himself into good enough position.

If he got into a quared up position where both Mayank's shoulders and feet were in line, he would have been able to shove Mayank into the first row of the audience.

God bless.

15 years ago

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