Katha Ankahee to NOT go off air, might shift to a new slot

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Adnan Khan and Aditi Sharma

Sony TV's beloved series, "Katha Ankahee," featuring Aditi Sharma and Adnan Khan in lead roles, has won the hearts of its viewers and remains a strong contender on the channel. While the ongoing storyline continues to captivate the audience, the show is now preparing for a significant leap forward.

Recent reports in the media suggested that "Katha Ankahee" might be pulled off the air, with "Dabangii" taking its place. To clarify this matter, we reached out to our reliable sources closely associated with the show. Contrary to the rumors, our source confirmed that the show is not going off the air in the foreseeable future. They stated, "No, the show will not be discontinued. However, 'Dabangii' will occupy 'Katha's' current time slot, but 'Katha Ankahee' will be moved to a new time slot."

As the series progresses, it will undergo a one-year leap, resulting in Katha and Viaan's separation. Katha will return to teaching yoga to children as a means to earn extra income.

In the current plot of the show, Maya has successfully disrupted Katha and Viaan's marriage, leading to chaos in their lives.

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Maya's entry has ruined the show

4 months ago

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