Pracchand Ashoka: Chaitraj's unexpected proposal to Kaurwaki shocks Ashok and Devi

In the upcoming episodes of Colors TV's show Pracchand Ashoka, Chaitraj will propose to princess Kaurwaki.

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Mallika Singh and Adnan Khan

The historical romance saga "Pracchand Ashok" on COLORS continues to enthrall audiences with its captivating storyline centered around the legendary Samrat Ashok and Princess Kaurwaki's majestic love story. Set against the backdrop of ancient India, the series portrays Princess Kaurwaki's quest for a suitor with a heart as pure as gold, while Samrat Ashok emerges as a powerful conqueror driven by his relentless pursuit of power.

In the upcoming episodes, the narrative unfolds in a grand hall adorned for the Madhu Utsav celebration, where Bindusar, the king, extends a warm welcome to guests, including Devi's father, marking the commencement of rituals for Ashok and Devi's impending wedding. However, Ashok notices a strained interaction with his father, adding a layer of tension to the festivities. The unexpected proposal from Chaitraj to Kaurwaki takes both Ashok and Devi by surprise, further complicating the situation.

In the forthcoming episode, Kaurwaki confides in Devi, revealing the truth about Ashok, but Devi appears unperturbed by the revelation. Meanwhile, Helena eavesdrops on their conversation as Kaurwaki attempts to disclose Ashok's involvement in Uma's demise to Devi. On a parallel track, the king of Vidisha's inappropriate behavior towards Kaurwaki leaves her feeling uncomfortable, highlighting the challenges she faces in her journey.

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What's the unexpected proposal? Marriage or something else?

2 months ago

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