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Karn to save Radha in the nick of time!

Karn's sweet struggle to win Radha's heart is surely keeping the audience glued to Sony TV's Suryaputra Karn.

Published: Wednesday,Jul 29, 2015 18:56 PM GMT-06:00
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Karn's sweet struggle to win Radha's heart is surely keeping the audience glued to Sony TV's Suryaputra Karn. Recently viewers saw how Radha (Mouli Ganguly) is battling between life and death after being severely injured by an arrow. Karn (Vishesh Bansal) being the dutiful son, is trying everything to save his beloved mother. When Surya Dev informs him that the only way they can save Radha is by going on a mountain opposite to the cave and bringing the jadi booti hit by sun’s first rays and giving it to Radha before the sunrays touch her, Karn decides to go on the search of the medicine. As the fight between Surya Dev and Shani Dev becomes intense, Karn successfully overcomes all the obstructions created by Shani dev and reaches the mountain peak. Falling asleep unknowingly, he wakes up just in time to pluck the flower hit by sun's first rays and races against time towards the cave to meet Radha. He finally makes it on time and gives his Radhe Maa the jadi booti which heals her wound immediately.

Will this brave act by Karn melt Radha's heart? Will she finally accept Karn as her own son? To find out, stay tuned to this space!

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Krilovad @Krilovad 8 years ago wait for this..so Happy now finely Radha ma accept Karn & love
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Barenya @br200910 8 years ago Suryaputra Karn rocks ...

ya Radha Accept Karn Love Karn ...Now start karn n his radha ma story,,, waiting for this track.
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Dr J Bhattacharya @jmoyee200 8 years ago Suryaputra Karn awesome show .

sure Radha accept Karn & now she more love & care to karn.
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adiluvu @adiluvu 8 years ago yes Radha accept karn & love also

love Suryaputra Karn show.
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minzuuuu @minzuuuu 8 years ago very good show Suryaputra Karn waiting for this yes Radha accept Karn ...
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CHAVI5050 @CHAVI5050 8 years ago Suryaputra Karn very good i love it yes i sure Karn win & save Radha's life & Radha accept Karn.
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