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Karan,Varun and Saif gets slammed for 'Nepotism' chant!

After sparking off a controversy with his nepotism debate at the IIFA, filmmaker Karan Johar, actors Saif Ali Khan and Varun Dhawan received flak on social media. . .


After sparking off a controversy with his nepotism debate at the IIFA Awards in New Jersey over the weekend, filmmaker Karan Johar, actors Saif Ali Khan and Varun Dhawan received flak on social media with Twitteraties calling their act "disappointing".

Karan and Saif, who were hosting the gala, revisited the much-talked about issue that started in Bollywood when "Queen" star Kangana Ranaut branded Karan as a "flagbearer of nepotism" on his chat show.

When Varun joined the two actors on the stage at the Metlife Stadium to receive the Best Performance in a Comic Role for "Dishoom", Saif joked that the actor had made it big in the industry because of his father, director David Dhawan.

"You are here because of your papa," Saif quipped.

Varun said: "And you're here because of your mummy (veteran actress Sharmila Tagore)."

Karan then promptly added: "I am here because of my papa (late filmmaker Yash Johar)."

They then said in unison: "Nepotism rocks".

On Twitter, a string of criticism followed, describing what the personalities said as unfunny and joking about actress Kangana Ranaut in her absence. Those tweeting included Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi and AIB member Tanmay Bhatt.

Here are some tweets:

Abhishek Singhvi: I'd like to see the likes of Karan Johar, Saif and Varun Dhawan try their nepotism humour when Kangana is in their presence. IIFA.

Tanmay Bhat: I just realised they legit yelled Nepotism Rocks at the end of it and I cannot stop face palming.

"How is it an "insult" to Kangana If anything it's a crass/tacky display of how shamelessly nepotistic Bollywood," one of the users posted.

Added another user, "Last night Karan Johar was shamelessly chanting nepotism rocks. So it means he admits that he has no talent and he's just a piece of shit."

"Totally not expected from you Varun Dhawan, seriously you said 'nepotism rocks'. Insulting a lady in such a big stage simply not acceptible. I'm disappointed," said a user.

Another fan wrote: I don't know what kind of entitlement you need to actually find 'nepotism rocks' funny. Like yeah it did for you and that makes you a loser.

In February this year, Kangana had called Karan Johar 'intolerant' towards outsiders and a 'flag bearer of nepotism' on his popular talk show "Koffee With Karan".


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luvdesitelly 3 years ago All three are such a loosers, especially saif and Karan. What are you, 16 year old teenage girls? Openly bashing someone at international stage is not funny. Someone needs to drain this swamp from Bollywood. So sick of them.
ChickenSoup 3 years ago What a bunch of losers these 3 guys are!! Nepotism exists everywhere and especially in the show business. It is the only reason why people like Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor are in the industry even though the world knows how much they suck at acting.
Paytonlee 3 years ago kangana despite not being there she made her presence felt through karan. Karan sounded like a sore loser trying to take digs at her whenever he can. Time to let go
And varun please have some respect to ur senior actors. I love him a lot so wish he didnt take part in this.
It was so cringe worthy and embarassing2017-07-17 11:00:10
kashishk 3 years ago So what... grow up people. Even if you were at their place you will be going through the same. If your parents could offer you an opening be it movies, business n all.. even you won't say no. They get a chance with the opening... but to stay or not depends on their talent.
ANNA90ALEX 3 years ago By making those comments they dont even realise that they call themselves losers. Saif indirectly said that His Daughter Sara also got an opening because of him and Amrita Singh.. Not because of her talent. He and Varun already made in to bollywood.. but what about Sara.. ? She is yet to create niche for herself.2017-07-17 09:41:04
lechuarshi 3 years ago Lol why bollywood is not growing and young deserving new talents lacks there is just bcuz of this nepotism only..
They r introduced star kids into industry.. Some shines, some wither away. Anyway all their life there will be comparisons..
But the one who climb all hurdles will ultimately rule thats the truth..
SRK is a common man who workhard and reach this position.. But same cannot be say abt his kids if they enter film world (karan is waiting eagerly to launch them anyway)
Just look at abhishek... He is good at certain roles but now he is part of multistarer movies.. Career doomed..
And there r huge followers for this star kids just bcuz of their father or mother.. Lol.. People r crazy..
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