Karan Vohra speaks about his exit from Imlie & reveals if he faced any pressure to match up to Fahmaan Khan

Karan Vohra, who is currently seen essaying the character of Atharva in Star Plus’ show Imlie speaks about his stint in the show coming to an end and more. Read on to know more.

- By "Aanchal Chowdhary"
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Karan Vohra, who has been seen essaying the character of Atharva in Star Plus' popular show 'Imlie' got in an exclusive conversation with India Forums and spoke about his stint in the show coming to an end. Karan also said about the TRPs of the show falling and revealed if he ever faced the brunt of comparisons between him and Fahmaan Khan. 

Your character in the show is coming to an end. People liked your journey in the show, and the TRPs were proof. What do you think changed suddenly that the TRPs saw a dip? 

See, it is not in our hands, nor is it our job to think of it and to work towards it; it is the writer's and the production's job to work on it. I want to avoid getting into it. The show was doing, and the show is doing very well in terms of the TRPs. Just that the story had unfolded a lot already. I normally tell people that every story has a shelf life and in our case it was done. There was no point in dragging the story further. It was the writers, productions and the channel's decision moreover to take a leap and move forward, which I really accept. I want to wish the new team all the very best. 

The show was on the verge of being pulled off, but now that the show has recieved an extension, what is your take on it? 

I do not know if the show was going to be pulled off. I am not aware of it. 

Did you find any sort of pressure to live up to the benchmark set by the previous actors like Fahmaan Khan in the show? 

As an actor you have to believe in yourself. If you feel or take the pressure, you will not be able to do your job. It was not about the pressure but about the audience's liking you know. They were prone to watching their favourite actors in the show. If you talk about them, it gets difficult for them to accept new characters suddenly. So it gets a tough job, in terms of the performance, to perform one notch higher, so that was it. Otherwise, there was no pressure as such. The direction team was very helpful. Every body of us, we gave it our best and we stood out. The show was again back on track. 

What will you miss the most about the show? 

What will I miss? The people around, the vibe around. Every set has a different vibe altogether. I will miss our director, Ashish sir the most. I loved working with him, and I pray to god that I get a chance to work with him.

Did you happen to meet the new cast of the show? 

No, I did not meet the new cast of the show.

Will you miss watching Karan in Imlie?