Kangana Ranaut's mission for peace: Meeting with Israel's ambassador and pouring her heart for the country

Kangana Ranaut recently made headlines for her meeting with Israel's Ambassador to India, Shri Naor Gilon.

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Kangana Ranaut with Israel ambassador

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut recently made headlines for her meeting with Israel's Ambassador to India, Shri Naor Gilon. In a unique show of diplomacy and support for a peaceful resolution, Kangana engaged in discussions that transcended the glitz and glamour of the Indian film industry. This rendezvous not only shed light on her upcoming film "Tejas" but also conveyed a heartfelt message of solidarity with Israel.

The meeting, which took place in Delhi, was more than just a photo opportunity. Kangana Ranaut used her platform to express her empathetic stance on the ongoing crisis between Israel and Hamas. She shared a glimpse of her conversation, where she addressed Hamas as the 'Ravan' of the present time, drawing a symbolic parallel that resonates with many who seek a peaceful world. Sharing the pictures she wrote, “My heart goes out to Israel. Our hearts are bleeding too. Here’s my conversation with Israel’s ambassador to Bharat Naor Gilon.” 

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During the conversation, she said, “I have been vocal about my support to Israel and Jews, and way before the massacres by terrorists started, I have been very vocal. As a Hindu nation, the Hindu genocides that have continued for centuries, we identify a lot with Jews and we strongly believe as we deserve a Bharat dedicated to Hindus, Jews also deserve one nation and they can't give us one that land is rather very inhumane and stingy of the Islamic world where they have 2nd largest amount of countries in the whole globe which is primarily dominated by the Christian countries. So I think what you guys are fighting for is rightfully yours and we as a Hindu nation, we stand in Israel's support.”

Kangana Ranaut's meeting with Ambassador Naor Gilon was more than just a diplomatic exchange. They were photographed together, holding model fighter jets, symbolizing their shared commitment to fighting the modern-day "Ravana" of terrorism. 

In a poignant moment, Kangana Ranaut shared her aspirations for India's self-reliant fighter aircraft, Tejas, a topic that holds personal significance for her as she portrays an Air Force pilot in her upcoming film "Tejas." The movie, written and directed by Sarvesh Mewara, promises to be an inspiring tribute to the bravery of India's military forces.

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kangna promote ur movie ignore the innocent civilians, waise toh bohot stand leti ho shame on you at least shut up if you dont see the innocent women and children lives lost u go back to ur cuckoo land and pick on ur bollywood collegues

4 months ago

What the hell has Kangana got to do with Jews. This is another type of showoff and tell the public that she hates muslms. It is a pity that we have such people in India. As it is the PM has done a lot of damage to the Palestenians. People are dying in Gaza and no one is bothered. The worse thing to happen is when aid from India was being unloaded and in the boxes it was written "GIFT FROM INDIA". What the hell. Gift no, it was Aid from India which (not Modi) but the money of Indians was used.

4 months ago

For what ? To kill more innocent people and kids ? I don’t understand what is wrong with her. She is supporting israel only because palastenians are muslims!!!

4 months ago

Mission for peace? Meeting with Israeli embassador and showing support for the country that has been murdering children since 1948? Disgusting woman inside out.

4 months ago

Idiotic fool of a woman.

4 months ago

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