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Kangana Ranaut voices her opinion amid SC same-sex marriage hearing: Your identity is not what you do in bed

In a series of tweets today, actress Kangana Ranaut addressed about gender discrimination and how one should look above it, freeing themselves from any kind of prejudice.

Published: Friday,Apr 28, 2023 06:52 AM GMT-06:00
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Kangana Ranaut

On Friday morning, Kangana Ranaut expressed her views on Twitter, stating that one's gender and sexual preferences are only important to themselves and not others. She added that people should not use their sexual preferences as an "identity card or medals" to show off. Kangana's tweets come amid the ongoing Supreme Court petition to legalize same-sex marriage in India, with the Centre opposing the move.

She wrote, "Whether you are a man/woman/ anything else your gender is of no consequence to anyone but you, please understand. In the Modern world we don't even use words like actresses or female directors we call them actors and directors. What you do in the world is your identity, not what you do in bed. Whatever your sexual preferences are they must remain in your bed only. don't make them your identity card or medals and flaunt every where. Most importantly don't roam around with a knife to cut every throat who don't agree with your gender. I am again saying your gender is not your identity don't make it that way. I am a woman from rural area life gave me no concession I had to make my own place in the world of actors, film makers, producers and writers."

She further added, "Never ever see people from the lense of gender or any other physical attributes. You know what happened to those who thought Kangana is just a woman. They were in for a big surprise because I am not, I never see/perceive myself or anyone else that way. I am always in a room full of people, individual energies only people not men/women/homo/hetro/ physically strong or weak, no!!!!!! I would have not come this far had I judged everyone around me and myself on so many levels .... Why you all waste so much time on physicality of people around you, please understand you won't go very far if you have such limiting view and perception of the world ....... and those who don't judge others will never judge themselves either .... So free yourself from gender or any other limiting perception.... Rise and shine as who you are and Dharma says you are God absolute divine way beyond the physical... All the best."

Meanwhile, on the professional front, the actress will next be seen in the film 'Emergency' which will also mark her directorial debut. 

Kangana Ranaut

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