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Kangana claims her Anger is Constructive! Is this her secret to success?

During a recent appearance at an event in Delhi Kangana hinted at how her Anger has been a constructive and how it has helped her...


The bold and beautiful - Kangana Ranaut, is one of the most talented actresses in Bollywood. While she has repeatedly raised awareness about social issues, she is now all set to venture as a producer for her upcoming film Aparajitha Ayodhya which is based on Ram-Mandir court case making headlines. Apart from that Megastar Amitabh Bachchan also addressed her and the number 1 actress. 

But, what is her secret to success?

Now, Kangana Ranaut has claimed her anger is constructive, adding that whenever she got angry, she did it for a ‘reason to construct’. 

During a recent appearance at an event in Delhi Kangana’s team shared snippets of her discussion from the event.

My anger is a very constructive anger. Every time I’ve gotten angry in life, it has been for a reason to construct, to do better or to excel or for my team to excel. Like I said, when I left home, I did not leave because I just want to give my parents hell. I had a vision, I had a plan, so it’s been a very constructive emotion. I would like to go against practices which are pulling people down, which are not productive. What I do in anger has always worked for me. There is a child inside me that is beyond any logic.

- Kangana Ranaut

During the same discussion Kangana proved, she is a true artist and said her films are called flops despite earning good money. 

Even if I do a 100-crore film, it’s called a flop.

- Kangana Ranaut

The 32-year-old actress seems to be true to herself and her performances emitting the aura of a true artist.

“People think I am careless with my money but I am very wise when it comes to handling my finances. I like to invest in my dreams. I don’t like to invest in a dead zone and freeze my money. I am also an obsessive lover — not just sexually but platonic too. The ones I love, I spoil them silly. I love my parents. My brother’s wedding is in Udaipur. I like to spend on people I love. God has been very kind. I support causes too and donate where my heart belongs,” she said about how she handles her money.

She also shed some light on her newfound image of a patriot, Kangana said that Indians have been associated with negative attributes for long and that needs to change. “The word ‘Indian’ has been associated with something negative like poverty, malnutrition, etc. But we are better than anyone in the world and we need to believe in that,” she said.

Revealing the truth about her social media account, she agreed having one but she does not stalk anyone. She said: “I do have a secret account, but I do not stalk people. If I’m not working I spend 7-8 hours on social media.”

On the work front, the actress was last seen in Judgemnetall Hai Kya which also starred Rajkummar Rao as the lead. The film received massive applaud and it caught the audience's interest.

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Kangana Ranaut Judgementall Hai Kya 

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