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Kamya Punjabi just loves to be Bad!

Kamya Punjabi has no doubt, been acclaimed for her various negative portrayals, but what does the actress have to say about her Baddie roles in Television? Get to know here..

Published: Tuesday,Nov 27, 2007 09:14 AM GMT-07:00
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Kamya Punjabi, who has just entered Amber Dhara as the vampish Deepika is quite content doing negative roles. Besides this SET show, Kamya is also making life hell for her Dulhann co star's, as Sindoora as well. Its not that she does not want to do positive roles. "My first show Kehta Hai Dill, was an out and out sweet character, but then you have to make do with what you get", she reasons.

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Since most negative roles are similar, don't you get bored? "I try to play each character as differently as possible. If you watch carefully, Sindoora is always subtle dressed. On the other hand, Deepika is defiantly more louder, but that's the demand of the character. Here, I play a social butterfly , in whose house the twins work to make money. In an attempt to act better, I get into the skin of the character and start thinking like them", says Kamya.

Going in flash back mode, Kamya says that it was her grayish character in Astivta, which type cast her in this genre. "Although, I would not call Kiran bad, she had fallen in love with a married guy, but what is wrong in that? At least, she did not scheme to murder people or drive them away. Rather the poor thing would cry at her fate", argues the actress.

The success of Astitva saw her doing Reth, Piya Ka Ghar and Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki , all negative. Why did you quit the last ? "You can't expect me play a grand mom at 28. The actors who are playing my children are younger then me", she angrily asserted.

In closing, Kamya could not help, but remember the funny incidents which happen when she goes out. Old ladies just surround her and heckle her for being the wicked Sindoora. "I tackle them according to my mood. If happy, I patiently explain to them that its just a character. But if stressed out, I, curtly remark, that I am paid to be bad"!

Author: Anil Merani

Kamya Punjabi Piya Ka Ghar 

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anuj86 15 years ago she shud keeping playing vamp in serial,as its kinda her forte now.
she just recieved an award for the negative role of sindoora on indiantelly awards i watched yesterday.
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Shazam 15 years ago I really like sindoora in dulhan.... I love the way she is dressed, very elegant without not any loud makeup (which I cant stand). But, hopefully the producers give her more clothes. She seems to repeat a lot of the sarees.
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Jessuu 15 years ago nice picture :)
she is so awesome
love her as kamya, sindoora
is she complaining about being a grandmother to charcater younger than her? but isnt that how its suppose to be:S unleess she wants to be a grandmother to someone twice her
jokes apart
seriously love kamya :)
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Tani91 15 years ago the new vamp..I love her as Sindoora...
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vaishumatha 15 years ago She complains that her children in Woh rehne waali mehlon ki are younger to her.Thats how it should be right.The older person should be the parent.
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SonPan 15 years ago LOL... pld ladies come up to her... but if I ever saw her in the street the first thing I'd say is... SINDOOORAAAAAAAAAaAA LOL
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kisnatulsi 15 years ago she is 28..whoa i neva knew dat!! wiked ...she suits her evil ways!!! LOL...
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umi82990 15 years ago I really like her negative roles!! she awesome being bad!!
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maha786 15 years ago This content is hidden.
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Neelu.RoX 15 years ago Shes my favorite vamp=]
Todays new Vamp!
Komalika is okd school
Now its SIndorraaaaa=]
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