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Kajol's Promise for a Friend

Everyone knows how passionately dedicated Kajol is, especially towards her selected ...

Everyone knows how passionately dedicated Kajol is, especially towards her selected few friends. Come what may, she'll always be there for them.
Despite being ordered by her doctor that she should rest and avoid any stressful activity, heavily pregnant Kajol decided that she'll go and watch her latest release, We Are Family at a suburban theater. All just to fulfill on a promise made to friends and fellow film comrades, Karan Johar and Siddharth.
Apparently, since the time that the doctors advised Kajol to take complete rest, husband Ajay Devgan has left no stone unturned to make sure that his wife doesn't have to move an inch around the house, let alone venture out of it! But once Kajol has made up her mind, it's next to impossible to make her do otherwise.
While Kajol may not have carried out such a move under normal circumstances, the director admits that this is what Kajol is like; always a true friend who'll do anything despite being a delicate month away from her delivery.
We all are aware that Kajol is brutally honest when it comes to voicing her opinions. Even Siddharth was nervous to know what Kajol thought about the film; but all those nerves were put at bay once she revealed that she loved it and that it came out exactly as they had wanted it to be.
With Kajol's due date a mere month away, we wish her all the best!


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