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Jiji to die; Saloni arrested for murder

Zee's Saath Phere will see the sudden death of Jiji, for which Saloni will be arrested...


The reign of the wicked Jiji (Nivedita Bhattacharya) will be finally over this week in Zee's Saath Phere.

Saath Phere produced by Sphere Origins will see a major highpoint this week with the accidental death of Jiji.

According to our source, "Jiji and Saloni (Rajshree Vaidya) will have a tussle in the terrace when accidentally Saloni pushes Jiji, and she slips and falls off from a great height. This will mark the end of the very popular negative character".

When asked whether this is also one of Jiji's plans to trap Saloni, our source confirms that, "No, we are surely bringing about an end to Jiji's character. But all in the family start to think that Saloni has deliberately pushed Jiji off the terrace. Thursday's freeze will see Saloni being arrested by the police for the charge of Jiji's murder".

"The track ahead will probably have court room drama, but we have not decided on it yet", concludes our source.

Saath Phere is now aired at the 9 PM slot on Zee TV..

As we bid adieu to Jiji, we need to stand tall to witness Saloni's battle with law for a change…

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh



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milla 11 years ago I hope Saat Phere stay for a long time. Jiji is gone I am so happy. SP ROCKS
kaash-kash 11 years ago seriously they should just end it now....its been wayy too longg...the only timed I enjpyed the Jiji track was the first time it was introduced..........saloni needs some happiness in life now!
SunriseGreen 11 years ago Cool. So she finally dies. But poor Saloni
bmtdluver 11 years ago i think they should just end it.they''re dragging the show too long. itz been on for like 3+ yrs.
blueash 11 years ago why dont they just shut this serial insted of all this crap...
-Preeti- 11 years ago ohhoo
never expected this ...again its gonna take months
serialkiller123 11 years ago This content is hidden.
Isa_de 11 years ago so Aashka will be back as Saloni''s lawyer????
rashi77 11 years ago Terrific...the truth about Sawri being Saloni''s daughter is going to go straight over the terrace with Jiji!!! I don''t think I can watch this show any longer :-(
milla 11 years ago Thanks I will expect Rajshri to do a great job. She is a a very good actress
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