Jhilmil of 'Love Story' in her new 'Left Right Left' Avtar...

The girl from SAB's Love Story, Diya Chopra, who happens to be the sister of Roshni Chopra, enters Left Right Left. Here is the new cadet talking about her role...

Diya Chopra, the younger sister of Roshni Chopra who had debuted in Love Story has entered Left Right Left as one of the 6 new cadets. "I play Vidya, a very determined girl who has topped all the tests and is wanted by all the academies. Although my character is the girl next door type, there are many layers to her which will be unraveled over time", she adds.

Chopra does not have much information about the other cadets, only that Shika Singh plays Akruti, a stunt woman, while Swati essays Purvi, the sexy super model.

"Coming to the 3 boys, I only know that my Love Story co-star Mohit Daga is one of the actor's. He play Mallah, a dacoit's son, who does not want to follow his father's foot steps. I have not shot with other boys yet, so have no idea about their characterization," she says.

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Remind her of Love Story and her face glows up. "This cute character of Jhilmil has given me recognition in the industry. She was the complete opposite of the main lead Shruti, who was quite timid, always in awe of her parents, while I was the rebel out there, and wanted to live life on my terms."

But somehow this SAB show did not do well,what is your take on this? "It was good, while it lasted. Infact the show was given two extensions by the channel and was finally brought to its logical conclusion. But yes, differences of opinion between the creative did create hassles, which were reported widely in the media as well," says Diya.

In the end we could not help but asking whether Roshni gave her some acting tips. "Yes she is my biggest critic. But being sister's we can tell each other anything and every thing," opines Diya.

P.S: A little birdie informs us that that Harsh Rane and Saurav Chakroborti make up the last two male cadets. Rane enacts the gambler aptly titled Rummy, while Saurav acts as Peter the prankster.

Author: Anil Merani

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Comments (10)

both Diya and Mohit are wonderful actors.
simply miss love story , so glad to see them back on tv.
lrl is going to rock

16 years ago

yay!!!! I'm so glad we can see Jhilmil in another soap...I always thought that she should have gotten a meatier role in LS...and i really didnt like how they ended her role so abruptly. But anywayz, I'm glad she's back in action with another LS star :)!! I'm sure they will rock!!

16 years ago

congrats to d new team..but the original six were,r nd will b d bst..no1 cn match dem...i thnk now lrl is gonna b boring....i feel as if d same story is being repeated...

16 years ago

they will never be able to match the charisma of original six.lrl has ended for us.

16 years ago

OMMMGGGGGGGGG....dia n mohit again in LRL...i cant wait for this...

n mohit luks sooooooooooooo diff without his LS gear...the pugh n all..lol..

he does luk like a dacoit's son!

16 years ago

wowww...finlly v vil get 2 c two actors from LS back in action...yay!!! they gonna rock...just da way dey did in ls:)

16 years ago

i liked her in LS..i am sure she will rock in lrl

16 years ago

left right is again gona rock now.akriti & vidya r the best.

16 years ago

thnx for the article!
i so luv love story.. too bad they ended it :'( =((
I liked K=Jhilmil's character.. v bubbly and sweet.. luking forward to the new set... adb to Dia :)

16 years ago

Ahhh....sooo gud to c LS characters bak n action...Love stry roked....dunno y did da chanel decide to cal it quits wyt da shw...bt m sure tat Diya n al da oter actors fm da shw...Luv stry..r gonna rok da industry...fr sure...:)

16 years ago

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