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Jeet Jayenge Hum to end on 22nd April..

Sony is planning a revamp yet again, and this time it is Jeet Jayenge Hum that gets the axe. Few other shows also appear to be in danger zone...

Published: Friday,Apr 09, 2010 20:10 PM GMT-06:00
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Sony Entertainment Television's Jeet Jayenge Hum, produced by Benaifer Kohli will be ending on 22nd April. The channel has Indian Idol and Swastik Pictures' Maan Rahe Tera Pitaah launching post IPL, on April 26th. So the channel is changing its strategy to accommodate the new programs.

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According to our source, "Jeet Jayenge Hum is surely going off air, and its last airing date will be April 22nd. Sukh By Chance which had been conceptualized for six months has had its run, and there is a chance of it going off air. Pyaar Ka Bandhan of Balaji Telefilms is also buzzed to be in the danger zone".

Benaifer Kohli, Producer of Jeet Jayenge Hum confirmed the news and said, "Yes, Sony is planning a new strategy which includes shutting down of three fiction shows. Jeet Jayenge Hum will be ending on April 22nd".

A source from Balaji Telefilms though tells us that, "Pyaar Ka Bandhan remains safe till the month of August".

A source from Sukh By Chance told us that "The original contract stands good till the end of May. So we will not be winding up in April".

We tried calling J.D. Majethia but he remained unavailable. 

Ajay Bhalwankar, Programming Head, Sony told us, "Jeet Jayenge Hum is going to have a logical end in April. But I cannot comment anything on Sukh By Chance and Pyaar Ka Bandhan. We should have a clear picture on the time slots of Indian Idol and Maan Rahe Tera Pitah by next week".

Now let's wait for the next piece of news to come our way.

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Juneli 12 years ago i totally agree with aneeka...all PKB needs at present is a good brush up in the storyline!!
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Aneeka_GS 12 years ago No Pyar ka bandhan is not ruined. Nothing can ever be ruined, there's always a chance to improve your mistakes, or bad twists. Please Balaji, PKB creatives and Sony, don't run away from the problems, there are always ups and downs, deal with it, instead of running away.Please don't think of ending PKB, give it another chance, by solving the current story, and I am more than certain that it will work great!
There's a huge fan base for Pyar Ka Bandhan, please do not let us down. PKB does not deserve to be in the so-called "danger zone", it has a great potential, great actors giving their best, and a great cast. Please put some effort into the show. We believe in PKB we believe in PraSha, we believe the show can be revived and gain back its originality with the siblings track and many others!
Please don't rely solely on the minority of public who want pkb to end, but rather please concentrate on what the majority and loyal fans want, which is PKB's long long life.2010-04-12 15:23:05
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sindooralover 12 years ago NO!..plz dont end jeet jayenge roxx..plz:(:(:(
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Anjali96 12 years ago pleasee end PKB
they hav already ruined the show
and i hopee karan and kritika cum together in a new show on a different channel...=)
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achiever 12 years ago Sony is poor at promoting its worthy shows.. i wished they had promoted YRF shows well enuf rather than putting their money on such silly shows.. they r diff, new age and have a distinct flavor.. try n make CID equi 2 CSI.... they shud come up with short-running shows with seasons. tht wud retain the flavor of shows n give viewers somethin diff n unique thn other channels.. i hate all other channels bt mst say sony is least coz of some gud serials like Mahi Way, Seven, n Crime Patrol..! CID needs 2 b more contemporary!
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shibz 12 years ago but i thot jeet jayenge hum was doin beta among all the fiction shows on sony..
like... as far as my knowledge goes..PKB is not even in top100 so y such late closure for the show??wen u cant get bac to the original story line...!i used2 watch it for kritika n the sibblin bondin which was really warm..but the prasha luv story like kabab mein haddi ruined it all..
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bmtdluver 12 years ago i hope sbc and pkb continue....whats with sony ending all of its shows?????????? its getting really annoying
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nikita_88 12 years ago NOOO not pyar ka bandhan I love PraSha I want them together I want to enjoy their chemistry because if it ends in august they will get prasha together like an episode before the end!
Reply thumbs-up thumbs-down 12 years ago i wan pkb to end soon.. infact wanna c karan n kritika 2gether in a new show.... pkb s waste
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Oblivion007 12 years ago I wonder why most of the kmh fan want pkb to end soo?It's so strange!!
I think it's these serials' bad luck dat dey air on sony,as nowadays ths once upon a time good channel wid quality shows has bcome so pathetic dat dey don't even show the repeat telecast of the shows.No advertisement,no proper organizing,no management!Luk at zee,all their shows are good as they are handled efficiently.Sony is solely&wholely responsible4 repeative failure their shows.Neway,i thnk pkb has yet got the potential,if handled properly it can get it's due as it has vivan&kritika who naturally spread spark whenever come infront of the screen2gether.
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