Jeet and Shabd at loggerheads..

If the difference in opinion between the sisters was not enough, Soni's miscarriage will bring in a tiff between Shabd and Jeet in Zee's Maayka..

Earlier, we had reported that Soni aka Kanchi Kaul in Zee's Maayka meets with an accident and
has a miscarriage which will be the next high point in the show.

Giving you more details, our source says, "A difference of opinion has already erupted between the sisters, Mahi (Neha Bamb) and Soni. Things get worse on the day of Mahi's Godhbaraai when Soni accidentally falls from the stairs, which results in her miscarriage".

"Things get worse when Jeet (Romit Raj) blames Mahi for Soni's loss, and this is where a big battle kicks-off between Shabd (Vivan Bhatena) and Jeet. However, there comes yet another shock when the doctors inform that Soni will never be able to conceive again. And on the other hand, Mahi is carrying twins", adds our source.

Will Soni be helped by Mahi in this crisis situation? Will all get together in giving one kid of Mahi's to Soni?

We need to wait to see what happens further in Maayka..

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Comments (23)

didn''t the doctors say last time aswell that Soni will never be able to conceive again?

14 years ago

No one should ever separate twins. What will happen when the children come to know?

14 years ago

too bad for mahi-shabd!
jeet become ridiculous! Mahi should not hand over her child to soni!

14 years ago

one kid will go to soni

14 years ago

If Mahi will go somewhere off far away then we also go somewhere off far away and will say ta ta bye bye to ''''Maayka''''

14 years ago

oh wow, not predictable at all (*rolling eyes*)

14 years ago

Mahi is carrying twins!?
i bet she''ll give one to Soni...then she''ll go somewhere off far away

14 years ago

The present storyline of Maayka is boring and have seen so many times not interesting at all.. Creative should think sumthing new .. Enough is Enough..

14 years ago

its so stupid if mahi gives one of her kids to soni, if thats the case soni cud jst adopt instead of splitn up twins and thy r probbly gonna b a boy and a girl u noe so they arent identical...stupid

14 years ago

I simply hate jeet for blaming my dare he??
i also really don''t want to see Shahi giving their child to them....i hope Mahi not give her child to soni.....this is rediculous!

14 years ago

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