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Jay Soni on His Transformation: Just imagine, if I play a Bitchy Role With This Look & Body!

Actor Jay Soni opens up about his transformation and career in an exclusive chat with India Forums...


Actor Jay Soni who is known for his role in Sasural Genda Phool underwent a body transformation recently. Jay has been on a break for two years now. His last show was Bhaag Bakool Bhaag in 2017 where he played the lead. Jay took a break from the industry as he wanted to be with his wife and child. 

Now, the actor is once again back but in a new avatar, leaving everyone in shock with his super hot body. He has rehauled his Instagram account by deleting old pictures and substituting it with post transformation ones.

Recently, the actor got into a candid conversation with India Forums where he opened up about his transformation and career path.

You’ve undergone a body transformation recently, why did you choose to do it now?

Yes, everybody is asking why now but I feel there is a point in every actor’s career when you need to realize that let's shift the gear now. If you are satisfied and comfortable to play the same role then it's okay but I wasn’t happy doing the same thing again and again. As an actor I’ve always tried to change myself, my personality and learn something new and different. Actors are impersonator and if you stay with one look throughout then I don’t think you are doing justice to your field. So, I felt let's change it, enough of cute and chocolate boy looks and get into something else now. 

How much time did it take for the transformation?

Three months but the preparations and everything went on for six months. It's about everything, first, you have to get into that pattern and slowly you start looking after your diet, slowly you increase your weights, stamina and workout patterns. So, it took around six months but the three months were hardcore.

Like you mentioned you want to get into something else. What do you have in your mind regarding your career?

I want to do everything else apart from the cute chocolate boy anymore now because people have seen it too much. I wanna play a rich, spoiled brat, a casanova. Just imagine, if I play such a bitchy role with this look and body then it’ll seem like this guy doesn’t appear to be a bitchy person by face but he is. So, I want to play something like that and not the same thing again and again. I don’t want to be one of the lots. I entered the field with a passion but people do it for other reasons too. For me, it was passion and if you really have that you will make it the best.

Which Television show or web series that is currently on-air or streaming, you want to be a part of?

On web, there are so many, I would love to be a part of Sacred Games. I loved Made in Heaven and if Zoya Akhtar is listening, I would love to play any of the nice parts in the series too. I’m loving the current thing which is going on in Indian Television. Beyhadh is coming up and and I really think I can pull it off a psycho or unpredictable character. I have done a lot of hosting so, I want to explore more in that field.

Do you really feel that looks and grooming are very essential for being in the industry?

Yes, it is required. Forget about actors, even directors and producers need to be presentable. It’s up to you actually, if you are happy with your looks then it is fine, but if you are willing to do something different then you have to change your looks and you have to do it for them to believe it. Honestly, I’m accepting the fact that we are not like those privileged star kids who are offered the role along with six months time to prepare and groom themselves. We don’t have that much time or nobody is gonna give that much time to us.

Do you feel these days looks matter more than acting?

Now, it's everything! Somewhere acting will matter and somewhere look will do but where you fit yourself and where you want to see yourself is what matters. 

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Jay Soni

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