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Jasmin Bhasin says, ''Aly could never spoil my game, I can say the same for Rahul''

Bigg Boss 14 contestant Jasmin Bhasin spoke about Aly Goni, him spoiling her game and more.

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Bigg Boss 14 has definitely been a rollercoaster journey for all the contestants and Jasmin Bhasin seemed to have had quite the journey herself. Not only did she admit to her love on the reality show, but she also had her own highs and lows. Aly Goni entered the house to support his BFF, and so he did. 

However, there have been multiple instances of when she has been called out and Aly too, has been blamed for spoiling her game. While Jasmin has been vocal about it, she recently spoke about it once again. In fact, even now, Aly is being blamed for spoiling Rahul Vaidya's game and fans have a mixed reaction to that.

The "Dil Se Dil Tak" actress has cleared the air around it once and for all and said, "Aly never spoiled my game. First of all, I never took the show as a game show, I took it as a challenge that I will have to deal with so many people who are totally different from me. And I have said this many times that I was not playing a game, I was just being myself and doing what I feel like doing."

"There was no way Aly could have spoiled it because I had no gameplay at all. And I can say the same for Rahul," she added.

Jasmin feels that the two are each other's support. She added, "Aly is just being that support and a friend to Rahul. After Rahul had re-entered the show everyone was targeting him and he just needed a friend and Aly was there with him. He has not spoiled anyone's game. In fact, Rahul and Aly are each other's strength.

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