Jaani Dushman to be adapted for television; named Brahmarakshas

This Ekta Kapoor venture will be aired on Zee TV.

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Balaji Telefilm's next for Zee TV, titled Brahmarakshas, might boast of an ensemble cast with names like Krystle Dsouza, Ahem Sharma, Sailesh Dattar and Rakshanda Khan.

Ekta has now roped in two more well-known faces for her show, Abhaas Mehta and Ojaswi Oberoi. They will play pivotal roles in relation to the male lead.

Abhaas will be playing Ahem's big brother and Ojaswi, his wife. The duo will play the perfect couple, who fulfill all duties in their household.

Both the actors confirmed their involvement in the show to an entertainment portal, but refused to get into details.

Jaani Dushman was yesteryear's multi starrer blockbuster film and revolved around a mystical theme of never ending monstrous qualities that were simply passed on and would never end. 

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Rakshanda Khan

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Shailesh Datar

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Aham Sharma

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Krystle Dsouza

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Ojaswi Arora

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Abhaas Mehta

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Zee TV

Comments (14)

this seems promising. all the best Krystle and Aham. hope Rishabh and Raina will win best jodi awards too :)

7 years ago

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7 years ago

Hope it doesn't turn out to be as kavach. But let's see if Krystal and ahem sharma like stars have agreed to do this then it must be a different and watchable concept. I will give be it a try for ahem sharma as I love him so much. Best of luck ahem sharma.

7 years ago

any other chanel not zee,thy will mess this show up,trust me.

7 years ago

Oh it's the old Jaani Dushman. For a moment I thought it was the one with Akshay Kumar and Sonu Nigam. I swear if that was made into a TV show, the entire channel would shut down and no one would watch any show from that channel again!

7 years ago

I thought this show was based on Paheli!!!!

7 years ago

Waiting for the show, only for Aham Sharma.Just trusting his choice. All the Best to the team.

7 years ago

Okay its the old Jani Dushman they are talking aboutt. Thank god I thought it was Sonu Nigam's Jani Dushman

7 years ago

Really don't want Krystle to do this kind of show bt if she agreed then let's see how the show is...hope it's nt disappointing...love u krystle '

7 years ago

Waiting for the show and Ahem sharma. All the best.

7 years ago

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