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'It's time to fall in love with love all over again' - Juhi Parmar

Juhi Parmar is back as Kumkum, in the very popular afternoon show on Star Plus, Kumkum Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan. Here is the star talking of her break and her comeback into the serial..

Published: Friday,Mar 14, 2008 16:24 PM GMT-06:00
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The very lovable Kumkum aka Juhi Parmar is back to work after a much deserved break, to play the very young and vibrant Kumkum. Here is the star talking about her break and her reincarnated character in the serial, Kumkum Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan..

Its time to fall in love with love all over again - Juhi Parmar
First of all, welcome back.
Thank you so much, I really needed this break, but frankly speaking, I did not get the long break that I had dreamt of. Kumkum Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan needed me and I had to be back earlier than expected.

How does it feel to be back now?
It really feels good, and we are confident that the viewers will love this new phase wherein they will see a fresh new love story between Sumit and Kumkum.

How was your break and where had you been?
Well, the break was refreshing and I got to spend time with my whole family and there’s nothing like it. We had been to Mysore and then we spent few days at Coorg, in a resort called ‘Orange County’. We had an amazing time there, and I really cherished the stay.

Any fascinating moment in Coorg that you would like to share with your fans?
My mother is a very good badminton player; she has been a great sports person from her young age. It’s always been a challenge for us to play like her. So we played some great matches there, split our family into two teams and enjoyed a lot. It always happened that I and my sister took to my mother’s side and played.

Coming back to Kumkum, how does it feel to play young all over again?
That’s the amazing part now. I can’t tell you how happy I am. I don’t have people calling me ‘Maa’ and falling at my feet now, the sight of which I always hated. And to tell you, Kumkum Ek Pyaara Sa Bandhan has been the only serial wherein the same actors worked their way from 20-50 and then, again came back from their 50’s to play the role of a 20 year old. This is exactly what Hussain and I get to play here.

How would you describe your characters now?
Well, I will not say much about how Kumkum looks now, that is something that you need to watch. But I can only say that the audience who have till now seen the matured love story of Sumit and Kumkum who fell in love only after marriage, will see a totally different love story now, something that will blow them off their feet. We both are college-goers, very young, so all will be a different scenario now.

Do you relate to your new character of Kumkum?
Oh yes! I can surely say that I am exactly like the new Kumkum. I feel happy to be playing myself on screen now (smiles).

Do you miss the younger generation on sets?
No, not at all!! I am very much glad that I am playing my age, so I really do not miss my kids on screen (laughs). We are still in touch with all of them, we meet up and hang around, so all’s in the game.

Talking of the elder generation, will we be seeing them even now?
Yes, they are the backbone of the Wadhwa family. So Dadaji, Dadiji, Veena and Kul are very much there. They form the basic connectivity link between Sumit and Kumkum.

How will Sumit-Kumkum romance flower now?
That is for all to watch!! But let me tell you, love is in the air, and if the viewers feel that the best phase of Sumit-Kumkum romance is over, you will be in for some surprise. The USP of the show has always been the love between Sumit and Kumkum, so we will offer a refreshing love story that will make the viewers fall in love with ‘love’ all over again!

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Annie @Annie4Juhi 15 years ago a awesome interview of juhi i love juhi parmar sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomuch
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Jiya Bhojwani @jiya_89 15 years ago this show is such a great show i just love watching it but i do not watch it everyday but i hear about it n it is really interesting :D
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surakshita @surakshita 15 years ago
Wow a very good interview of Juhi. Loved to see her back, but sad that she did not get her well deserved break

So Kumkum enter on screen on a bike savaari.
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vernika @verni 15 years ago lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyy.........I knew she would never disapponit her fans...

Nice to see her back to work.
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Sonia / Aniqa ~Whichever you prefer =) @untamedvampire 15 years ago thank god she's back... i stopped watching kk ... now it is time to restart! lol
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k noor
noor @k noor 15 years ago nice to see her back in kumkum she looks so pretty in the sari
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monahil @tripple_em 15 years ago itnay BUDHAY hokay be wappas agay ..SOO RETARTED....THEY R SO OLD ,...COPY DULHAN EH
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Jasmine @Jasmine... 15 years ago wowwwwwww..........
glad to see her bak and that also so soon...........i cnt wait now...
thanx for the wonderful news
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Ahmed @Too_Much 15 years ago Thanks Vidya ji ... the sequesnce of questions were really good...

Lekin these all saree wrapped females are really different in real life
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Rima @Rimsie. 15 years ago i am truly wating for her entry i mean hussain's entry was hot and i hope so is kumkum's
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