Quick Grills

It's Samir Soni grilling time.

The soft spoken and gorgeous Samir Soni, who made history with his flawless portrayal of an ideal man as Purab in 'Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi' on the hot seat today for some quick fire grills from the Telly Buzz team!

Published: Friday,Nov 02, 2007 15:58 PM GMT-06:00
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Your Favourite colour:
Your favourite make of car?
Anything on two wheels, which gets me from Point A to Point B without me having to push it is fine with me.
Any holiday destination you feel like going back to again and again?
Shimla, as that's where my family belongs to. Other than that, I love Goa. Abroad, new York in Christmas is very pretty.
Your favourite season?
In India, it has to be monsoon. I love the rain, and I love watching falling rain.But anything other than the hot humid summer months is fine with me.
The casuals you are most comfortable in:
Your favourite perfume which you have used for a long time:
Polo Classic.
Your favourite film director:

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Martin Scorsese. I love his films.
Your favourite bollywood music director would be:
A. R. Rahman. That man is a genius.
Who would be your favourite all time actress:
It would have to be a toss between Rekha and Smita Patil. The magic they created while I was growing up has left an indelible print in my mind.
And if we may ask, who is your favourite among the current lot:
Rani Mukherjee, she is pretty good.
If you had to direct a movie, who would you like to cast in your film?
It's my dream to work with Nasirudding Shah and Om Puri again.
Any recent movie you would pay to watch again?
Lage Raho Munna Bhai. I also liked My Brother Nikhil I watched recently.
Would you be doing any TV shows ?
No, I am done with television. My friends tell me that I should work in TV, but nothing that I see on TV inspires me to be a part of it. I am focussing on some cross over films, and have just finished my last schedule in 'Alibaugh'.
Author: Minnie Gupta

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Rah_HuJu 15 years ago I liked him a lot in Kumkum & Vivah...he seems really sweet!
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kisnatulsi 15 years ago christmas in New York is awsome and it fells so special!!!
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blyton 15 years ago He sounds like a down to earth person. I'm no longer a big fan of Purab but I think he was good in JJKN.
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jayatidesai 15 years ago i cant thak u enough i wa missing him so badly i mean hes never in news if u noticed . gosh its good to see him back -thank u if could u plz bring more news about him hes just so sweet n lovely !!
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salt 15 years ago I had the impression that I stopped disliking him. But then I just came across this interview. lol.

I still hate him I don't know him enough to form much of a judgement on him, but based on his interview & his acting in JJKN he will be the only person I will hate for absolutely no reason whatsoever :p :p
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stylishgal 15 years ago its great to see samir back after such a long time. im waiting to see his movie alibaugh
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addsb 15 years ago Thanks

And Ruhin07 please mention Armaan instead of Apurva. When I first read ur comment I was ready to jump on you.. But then I realised Its Armaan for sure .. Anyways Armaan and Purab fans thoughts will never match .. Also if you meant its Apu.. Then be careful u r treading on the wrong path as I really don't like personal attacks esp. on Apu, Shilpa and Mona
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orpi 15 years ago why did he say he is done with tv??? :( :( :(

no plsssss ur the king of tv plsss come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Priana 15 years ago I love your acting. It seems to stand out in front of every body else's. It seems 2 stand in front of everyone elses.
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Dimdim 15 years ago Thanks. Wonderful hearing from him after a long time. I miss him on TV.
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