It's Game, Set, Match for Creative Eye V/s Rajita Sharma...

The court decided in favor of Creative Eye with regards to the case filed by Rajita Sharma, who fought to get a stay for the show aired on COLORS, Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam...

COLORS' love story Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam which was to be produced by Creative Eye as well as Rajita Sharma's Magic Lantern had a setback even before its launch, when Rajita Sharma was eased out of the show for reasons not known.

A few days after that, Rajita Sharma moved court and claimed that the show could not be aired as she had the right to the concept, and that she had written the story for over 250 episodes when the production house terminated her contract without giving her the due credit.

With the decision hanging in balance for quite a while, the court declared its judgment recently which went in favour of Creative Eye.

According to our source, "Rajita Sharma, the Partner of Magic Lantern filed a case in Mumbai High Court against the production house, Creative Eye seeking stay on telecast of the serial "Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam" being broadcasted on Colors Channel. The case was also filed for the credits pertaining to concept, story, screenplay and dialogues of the serial. Viacom18, as a broadcaster of the said serial on Colors Channel joined these proceedings as affected party. After hearing the matter at length, Hon'ble Judge passed an order that there is no case for injunction on the telecast of the serial. The Hon'ble Judge also passed an order that no credit can be given to the Petitioner, Rajita Sharma at this stage since the screen play and dialogues of the on going episodes of the serial are written by some other person, a different creative team and director being involved. Moreover the Judge also observed that the broadcaster has exclusive rights once the serial/ episode are broadcasted".

With regard to this, TellyBuzz talked to Producer Dheeraj Kumar of Creative Eye who told us, "I have always had faith in the judiciary. I welcome their decision, as they have taken into consideration the facts. On a personal front, I have no grudge against Rajita Sharma, and hold no grievance that she filed a case against us. I feel that before filing a case, Rajita should have weighed the issue on its merit; if at all she had fought for a genuine cause we would have surely welcomed her. I wish her all the very best for her future prospects as writer and producer. For me, past is past and I will look forward to another opportunity where we can move forward and work together".

Recently there have been rumors doing rounds that Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam might shut shop or even get a new time slot, sometime in the early evening.

When asked, Dheeraj Kumar rubbished this news and said, "There is not an ounce of truth to this news. Our serial is very much in the thick of things. Even with the IPL fever on, our recent TAM ratings suggest an increase of 0.3 which is really good".

Talking further, he said, "Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam is a show which grows on you slowly. We could have always started the show with a 3+ ratings by coming up with the climax of our product at the very beginning. But we along with the channel decided to create a niche audience for ourselves which would grow with time. The introduction of Omi Bhaiyya in the show has given us a big boost. And we recently got nearly 5000 messages from our loyal viewers who appreciated the simplicity with which the show is being made".

Before signing off, Dheeraj Kumar asserted, "I am very confident that in the coming three weeks, our show will move ahead in ratings". 

We too hope the love story of Leher (Yami Gautam) and Abeer (Gaurav Khanna) reaches new heights in the coming future…

But for now, its Game, Set and Match for Creative Eye…

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Comments (28)

Hey, thanks for the link. And GK will be truly perfect on Bingo nite

14 years ago

As long as everyone's happy and the show does well...
Keep up the good work, GK

14 years ago

recently started watching it.. subscribing to colors just for this show from next weekk. GK is awesome.. such a natural..i watch colors only for YPNHK and that is for Abeer-Leher and the simplicity of the story.. def not for Omi bhaiyya :-(
pls keep up th good work and dont EVER separate ABHER! they are the shows USp along with super supporting cast

14 years ago

Gaurav and Yami should be on Bingo night!

14 years ago

YPNHK rocks!
OMG so agree Yashika.. the YPNHK team should be on Bingo's night!

14 years ago

@ Yashika - I sooo agree with you! Featuring Abeer & Leher on Bingo Night will be great! :D Weren't the Balika Vadhu actors called on the show recently? Then why not Abeer & Leher!

Gaurav is very popular amongst kids (read a TB article long back wrt it!) and it would be great to have him on Chak Dhoom Dhoom :)

14 years ago

Yes soo agree more promotion! Utilize the amazing chemsitry of Gaurav and Yami!!

14 years ago

I just love the show, but I somehow think there is less promotion of d show. I want more n more promo of lead actors Leher N Abheer, so that more n more TRP audience is attracted towards the show.

Moreover Leher N Abheer n come in shows like Bingo, IPL Rockstar., etc

14 years ago

This show is special!! Gaurav and Yami are sooo special!!

14 years ago

Looove YPNHK! With lead actors like Gaurav & Yami, and a stellar supporting cast .. the show can only get better & better!

14 years ago

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