It's 'Favorite Time' with the beautiful Sriti Jha...

Here is the beautiful Sriti Jha of Jiya Jale fame, talking about her favorites...

Your Birthdate: 29th February

Describe yourself in one word: I am 'Alive'

Favorite brand of clothes: I don't opt for any brand as such, but I like to shop from Fab India

Favorite Perfume: I don't have any favorites here, but I like the smell of Lacoste, the one which comes in pink bottle.

Favorite Pastime: I like to read books, whenever I get time I start to read. As of now, I am engrossed in reading the novel 'To Kill a Mocking Bird'

Favorite Colour: White, Black, Red and Blue

Favorite Dish: Panipuri. I really love to have it anywhere..

Essential Makeup article for you: Kaajal

3 things you can't live without: Cellphone, Glasses and my ring.

Things you find in your bedroom: Pictures of God, Clock because I like to be punctual and and of course, dozens of books.

Favourire Actor: Hrithik Roshan and Shreyas Talpade

One dream role: I would love to do Ayesha Takia's role in Socha Na Tha

Reporter: Ranjini Nair

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Hrithik Roshan

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Ayesha Takia

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Shreyas Talpade

Comments (13)

i'll post scraps until u'll just not contact with me.just send me a simple hii.i'll be

16 years ago

hope you may be fine??
hai na?

bye sweet hard?

16 years ago

how romantic!
tum off. Nanhi jaoge to khaenge kya??
I love this situation….

16 years ago

how r u sunaina?????
hope you may be fine??
hai na?

16 years ago

gud article
my God...she hav pics of Gods in her room.....she must b goody-goody!

16 years ago

her bday is on 26th feb n not 29th........its there on her orkut profile

16 years ago

29th feb??? poor grl will be enjoyin her b-day dis yr aftr 4 yrs lol

16 years ago

She is beautiful

Birth date 29th feb?!

16 years ago

29th Feb,poor girl...
She's really pretty....

16 years ago

haha 29th feb..lols!
poor thngss
shez sweeet :)

16 years ago

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