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'Inmates are using various weapons to win the game'- Sayantani Ghosh

Sometimes the nicest and calmest contestants are evicted from Bigg Boss in the initial rounds. Sayantani Ghosh who was cordial and cooperative was sadly amongst them. Tellybuzz in talks with her..

You were a participant who didn't embroil herself in fights and politics. Yet, why do you think were you voted out? It also seems that unpleasant contestants will be staying on in the house...

This is partly true. However this time as it wasn't the regular way of nominations, I believe that is the reason why I was voted out. I after all gelled well with the other contestants. Even if the inmates were to choose two people who were to be saved, I believe that I would have been amongst them. There were people who weren't working hard in the house but they stayed on.

You were crying that you were chosen for eviction. Are you still sad?

No, I am not sad now. I had a fantastic three week stay in the house and wanted to stay for longer. It's just that I felt that my exit wasn't justified. Also I was worried as my dad wasn't well. I however would like to return to the house as a wild card contestant.

Salman Khan had compared Bigg Boss to a zoo whereas Kashif Qureshi said it was a jail. Do you also feel that it like both a zoo and jail?

Not at all. I think the Bigg Boss Season 6 house is a smaller version of life and society. We come across different kinds of people in our life who have different kinds of mentalities. I participated in Bigg Boss as I wanted to find out if I can keep my calm and survive in the house.

Tourists are flocking daily to the Bigg Boss house an are silently seeing all of you at the swimming pool area. Did you realize that?


Do you think there is a lot of politics in the Bigg Boss Season 6 house? Who are the ones who take part the most in politics and back biting?

Let me say that the ambiance in the Bigg Boss house is much better than the previous seasons. Some inmates are however using various weapons to win the game. For instance for Rajev Paul it is a failed marriage. He is using that weapon a bit too much now which is why he is one of the most non-liked persons in the house. Urvashi Dholakia I think over-reacts at times and is boisterous and dominating. Navjot Sidhu Singh has his own views and ideologies. Sapna Bhavnani I believe is a little confused as she is sometimes sweet but at times erupts like a volcano.

Who did you like the most in Bigg Boss?

I gelled the best with Delnaaz Irani. However my favourite contestant was Vrajesh Hirjee as he is a real person, cracks jokes and is not afraid to speak his mind.

Which inmate did you not like at all?

I never quite gelled too well with Sampat Pal. I liked Navjot Sidhu Singh as a person but didn't quite believe in his ideologies. Karishma Kotak I reckon is a very clever woman.

Who do you think will which the game?

It is just too premature to predict.

What are the good things you learnt by living in the Bigg Boss house?

I have learnt how to deal with people better and have become less judgmental.  I am less complaining and far calmer. I am self-sufficient in the sense that I can do housework better.

Reporter and Author: Pallavi Bhattacharya


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-Cruiser- 2012-10-30T06:08:54Z Sorry Sayantani ji...your strategy was to put your head down, do chup-chaap jhaadu-pocha, be goody goody with all by taking no stand even when others had issues with each other and your HOPE was, others will keep falling by the way side one by one!!!...Sorry-sorry sorry, but if out of 12-13 members NOT EVEN ONE wanted you saved, it shows you did not connect with any one!----------Devi ji, not being in conflict with anyone and living a koop-mandook existence, even in a big office set up...makes you an UNNOTICED MEMBER, not a loved one!!------Your strategy was wrong and you are out because of that. This does not mean you should have fought with others...what it means is you should have made better friendships!! ...e.g Sapna would prefer to die but will vote for Aseem each time she is asked to save some one!...Baaki, you are a sweet girl...aamar Shundor Gulaab Jaamun! :))2012-10-30 06:09:10
_KAYNAAT_ 2012-10-29T21:48:20Z i loved the fact dat she judged everyone very correctly not evryone has good judgemental abilities and i quite liked her stay in the house not being cranky baby neither being manupulative.
Deepaaveng 2012-10-28T05:46:00Z wanted sayantani to stay longer in bb

she was awesom person

my fav contestant

love her
Ooolalala 2012-10-27T14:47:46Z sayatani was awesome there and one of fewest contestants I like.

Best of luck to her for all things she does.
Lumos 2012-10-27T10:53:21Z Aashka isnt even MENTIONED in the article..then why is she tagged????! Ermm
akash08 2012-10-27T06:55:59Z Sayantani, loved you in the house and the liking and respect has only increased after reading this article. You have definitely come out as a winner. Sorry that you are out of the house but the house is never for people like you who live with grace and dignity. I do not think they would chose you as an wild card entry either as they want some problem maker in that role but that wont take anything from you. Trust me .. the vote is not everything.. You are a true champion and liked by many like me..
karanpatellover 2012-10-27T06:38:20Z yeah i expected this!! they didnt show much of sayantani.. even that thursday's confession part of hers wasnt shown on tv..
if it was cos of time duration.. they cut off her portion... then they shud ve edited 'sapna's stupid confession about the meethi dal' and shud ve showed sayantani's part.. in which she was genuinely telling about what she felt when she came to know that no one voted for her.. and she actually expected it atleast from delnaaz.. BB guys.. that was so rude from ur side.. okay!!

yeah now its evident that BB guys want sapna to stay.. they surely want the 'rajev-despo' drama to continue. anyways.. now i totally undesrstood the voting system also. either siddhu or urvashi 'll be the winner !!

2012-10-27 06:38:58
Ninja. 2012-10-27T06:28:51Z Yes, Aashka quoted Urvashi's words. But come on, if Urvashi REALLY said it to Aashka, then don't you think that scene would be shown? After all, who wouldn't like to cover such controversial scene and that too in such a reality show like Big boss? I don't believe Aashka here. Ermm

Before everyone jumps into conclusions, I'm not fan of any of them. And yea, I've to mention it's high time, Aashka should stop crying for every other silly things. LOL
nutmeg7 2012-10-27T05:31:17Z why why why...i really liked sayantani...hope she comes back as wild card contestant
Why cant they get it!!
Sayantani was a very honest and real person...Wanted her to stay longer..
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