Inder and Rajini hide their concerns for Panna..

Soon, Inder will also get to know of Panna's bad phase in Star Plus' Sasural Genda Phool, and will hide it from Rajini without knowing that she too is aware of it..


The married life of Panna (Moon Banerjee) and Raunak (Shailesh Gulabani) in Star Plus and Ojha Productions' Sasural Genda Phool is in a disturbed state right now, owing to Raunak being jobless. Things have worsened as Panna has taken control of the situation by taking a job. Soon she will start handling the finances of the house which will hurt her egoistic husband more.

Recently, Rajini (Bhairavi Raichura) got to know of the recent development in Panna's life, but has kept this news to herself. Soon Inder (Jiten Lalwani), husband of Rajini will find something fishy with regards to Panna. This will bring to the fore a new track which will be interesting.

Our source tells us, "Post Diwali, Inder goes to Panna's house where he smells a rat. He comes home and tries to talk to Rani about it. Though Rani wants to tell her hubby about Panna, she somehow stops herself. This will give rise to some cute scenes between the husband and wife where they are trying to hide the truth of Panna from each other. With the passage of time though, Shailaja (Supriya Pilgaonkar) will get to know of the fact, and will support her daughter emotionally. The whole Kashyap family will stand for Panna in her time of grief, and will motivate Panna to fight her battle bravely".

Contradictory to reports, we hear that Raunak will not leave his house now. The marriage of Raunak and Panna will surely get rocky, but this track of Raunak moving out will be taken up much later.

When contacted, Jiten Lalwani told us, "Yes, it is true that Inder gets to know of Panna's state. I have not shot much, but I am not aware od Rani knowing it, and we try to hide this from each other".

This particular track will open up very soon. On the other hand, Deepak (Akshay Sethi) will try to know from Radha's husband about his father. He will meet the man again and again, and in one such meeting will lose his cool and beat the man up as he utters some nasty words.

And of course, viewers will slowly get to see Suhana (Ragini Khanna) getting jealous about Sonali (Hunar Halli), and this will be a journey wherein she will understand the importance of Ishan (Jay Soni) in her life.

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Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh


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TonsOfWishes 9 years ago love the way the entire raunak thing is handled
Shehreen_27 9 years ago amzing news!!!!!!!!!!! looking forward to it... yupeeeee
Keva 9 years ago SGP rocks. Looking forward to next week's episodes.
ramzzz 9 years ago sum interestin drama wud be unfoldin....
zara_11 9 years ago Poor Pana and Deepak. Suhana SHOULD know what Ishaan means AND NOT TAKE HIM FOR GRANTED!
best_punz 9 years ago this is the best show on television!!! and the only show wch doesnt get on to my nerves!!!!! it rocks!!!
yipee 9 years ago oh thats cool...shud bring in interesting angles
Ankita_88 9 years ago same thing hapenned in bengali version also....
Armu4eva 9 years ago Gosh..so very worried for Panna..!! Glad atleast now some of the Kashyaps know of her troubles..!!

Excited for the Deepak track as well..!!
_Procrastinator 9 years ago sounds very interesting..!!!
lookin forward to these awsum tracks..Big smile
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