'I'm here for love of acting and not competition'- Mimoh Chakraborty

Michael Mohammad Chakraborty popularly known as 'Mimoh' son of veteran Mithun Chakraborty who made his debut in the bollywood industry with a movie named Jimmy

  Mimoh who is regarded as an upcoming actor is all set to create his unique identity from his two upcoming films this year…

Tell us something about your upcoming projects this year.

I have two movies to be released this year one is named 'Loot' with Govinda and Sunil Shetty it's a masala entertainer. The second one is named Spaghetti 24/7, it's the name of a Bar and I play the character of a Bar tender named Vijay. The story is about the people associated with the bar their real life outside it. And my dad plays the character of the Watchman of the Bar. And I'm very excited for the movie because my character has a lot of shades to it.

You haven't received much applaud for your debut movie Jimmy so what are your expectations from the upcoming movies?

I feel every actor has to grow. And during 'Jimmy' I was very raw it was just a beginning. I have no regrets about it but surely have learned a lot from past and now I'm more confident facing the camera.

So how were you approached for the above   two movies?

For Loot Sunil Shetty personally approached me and for Spaghetti 24/7 a Bengali film director Gaurav Pandey found me apt for the role and formed the character of Vijay.

Your name is associated with Michael Jackson so what kind of an impact did his sudden death have on you?

It was very depressing and as I'm gifted by his name by my parents I feel although more attached to him. I look up to Michael Jackson as the God of Dancing.

So how much are you into dancing?

I'm very passionate about dancing. I have learned professional dancing in America and have been trained in Indian dance form from Chennai.

So are you expected to been seen in reality dance show your dad is judging? And what are the expected comments?

I don't know, I mean I would love too if the channel approaches. And for my Dad 'enough is not enough' he is very critical about talent.

When did you realize the passion for acting?

Acting is in my genes.i have grown looking at great actors. But I decided to take it up as a profession when I was learning acting in America and i too realised i have talent in me. Also my dad has been a major influence for me.

Okay, so if not acting what alternative profession would you like to pursue?

If not acting then I would be an Astronomer in NASA. Before entering the industry I was pursuing under graduate course in Astrophysics, Astronomy, Archeaology and psychology. And I'm very much interested in history.

So how did the industry welcome you as an actor?

I have always been regarded as a star kid, people within as well as outside the industry felt that things have come very easily to me. But the fact is that it isn't so even though I come from a bollywood background but I'm here because of my talent.

So what are your future prospects in the industry?

I'm in the industry for my passion for acting and not competition. I aspire to grow as an entertainer in future.

What do you enroll yourself in during free time?

Dancing, reading novels, watching movies and listening to hard rock music.

Except from the movies you are working what kind of a movie do you look forward to be a part of?

I'm an action movie fan and I feel action movie era is just gone. I would love to work on an action movie.

Which is your favorite sport?

I love basket ball.

How is Mimoh as a person?

Hmm.. I don't socialize much. I speak only when I'm asked to. And after I have entered the industry films have became a part of me. And I'm putting up my best efforts to develop an identity of my own apart from being Mithun's son.

Message for the audience.

Give me an opportunity and I'll do it.

Author & Reporter: Pooja Shenoy.

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