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'I'm dating someone' - Pallavi Subhash

Pallavi Subhash cranks open her shell to give just about a slit-view of her professional as well as personal life…

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She's one of television's sweethearts. She has been accepted and loved in the role of a daughter, wife and mother with equal ado. And now, Pallavi Subhash has donned the role of a yearning but barren woman in Sony's Godh Bharaai and we can't help but be enchanted by her compelling act.

Slipping out of her character with ease (now we know how easily she slips into her various roles!), Pallavi sits to talk with us. 'I guess we can start now… no?' she innocently questions not realizing how sweet her accented English is!

Excerpts from our conversation:

Once again, you're playing a role more mature than your age. Is this a conscious decision on your part?
First of all, this isn't a role that is more mature than my age. I'm 25 and a lot of girls are married by this age.  Secondly, this wasn't a conscious decision. I liked the concept, the character excited me and the show seeks to give alternate solutions to couples who can't conceive in the natural way. So the reasons for me to take up this show were blankly staring at me and I took it up!

Tell us about your character, Aastha Agnihotri.
Aastha…is a very hardcore character. She is deeply attached to her family. She is soulful, emotional and has a sort of divinity about her. She has a very nice family, a loving husband…basically she has all the happiness of the world except motherhood. So she's sad.

Have you met such people in real life?
Yes, I have…among my extended family, friends, and senior co-stars. It's a very rampant problem in our country and many women suffer from it. I've seen how much it hurts them. Although nowadays, there's no direct taunt or mockery but they do face some indirect hassles. Such women always end up feeling- 'My family isn't complete'. Somehow, they take the blame on their shoulders.

Your views on adoption?
I believe, in our country given the strong family pressures that such a couple goes through, adoption depends on family support. It's a very good solution so why not take it? It's not uncommon nowadays thanks to the many film actors who have taken up the initiative and set examples.

Basera had an abrupt end. Any regrets?
Well, for Basera, we tried our level best. When I took it up I had full faith in Sagar Arts and NDTV Imagine, which is a rocking channel. Plus, the show was slated in prime time. They told me I have a role similar to that of Hema Malini's in Baghban. All this seemed very exciting but within six months the whole process shut down. I honestly don't know what went wrong. Some say it was the huge star cast some say the story lost its essence…I'm still confused.

How is working with Shakti Anand, it's your first time with him.
It's been a month since I started working with him and so far what I've known about him is that he is a very hardworking guy. He is a very nice guy to work with (smiles).

Will you be concentrating only in Hindi shows or work parallel in Marathi too?
Marathi is very close to my heart as it's my mother tongue. I will always take up some work in Marathi shows but provided it is fulfilling to my needs.

What's the difference in working for Hindi and Marathi shows?
Hindi shows have a professional atmosphere whereas in Marathi shows it's a very homely feel atleast for me. And of course the pay is better in Hindi(smiles).

And are you single or dating someone?
I'm dating someone for the past five years but I won't like to divulge any more details. I don't feel it's the right time.

Both of your families are aware of it?
Yes they are and they are okay with it (smiles).

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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lovebuds....... 10 years ago hey dats not fair.......can v hav d name......d lucky one whom our pallurani is dating 4 d last 5 yrs.......
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ArmaansGirl 10 years ago swt..luv u pallavi :D
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xxhafsixx 10 years ago oh wow i didnt no she was dat young i mean she does look it n eevrything but i guess its jus the character roles she plays
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rohanluv 10 years ago wow she i s really sweet in marathi also
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k_anjali12 10 years ago aww how sweetSmileI like u PallaviHeart
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yipee 10 years ago she is superb...nice to read this article
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charanya 10 years ago thanx 4r the article.pallavi subhash is rocking n looking gorgeous
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pooja_l 10 years ago she is just wonderful, fab actor, her eyes r just so expressive..simply rocking...good to know she has her someone in her life
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alishaL786 10 years ago she is simply amazing and down to earth!
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nandini27 10 years ago Really love your attitude and frankness. Keep goin great like dis...all the very best :)
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