If needed, I'll be back in Kasturi' - Jatin shah'

Jatin Shah's Character (Raunak) will be killed off the show this week, but is that temporary? Lets find out from the man of the hour - Jatin Shah...

Hitting off as Aditya in Balaji’s Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii, Jatin Shah made a mark for himself on the small screen. Jatin’s luck shined as he got into Balaji’s Kasturi. The young actor truly became the talk of the town with the charismatic character (Raunak) along with the magic that he portrayed on screen. However, as the Balaji rule book suggests, as soon as the two leads of a show are together, one of them has to die, Kasturi is no exception. As the story progressed, Raunak and Kasturi (Shivangi) were drawn closer to each other, but Raunak ends up drowning and thus, out of Kasturi’s life. Going by the rule book again, is Raunak expected to return? Presuming a new identity or a lost memory?

Putting Jatin Shah under the spot light, we try to get a sneak peek into what’s in store for the show and for the actor.“Yes, Raunak will be dieing in Kasturi this week, this is what the creatives have planned. So as of now, I am just focusing on Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki, my track has begun there.” When asked if he will be returning to Kasturi, Jatin replied, “I don’t know what the creatives have planned, I really don’t know, and I guess they don’t know it either, its always the last minute decision. If needed, if the story demands it, then I will be more than happy to come back to Kasturi”

Since Balaji has been ever famous in bringing back the dead, so we’re pretty sure that Jatin might just make a come back in the show. So, tune into Kasturi this week to catch all the action, only on Star Plus!

Reporter: Hiral Anju Bhatt
Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt

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15 years ago

he is back gays
but as a nagitive chracter it suits him
but i prefeare as a hero not a vilennnn

comen ekta u turend him hero to zero, trun roby in to villen NOT him we like him as a good gay

16 years ago

we want him back.i see kasturi seial for him only.i think more than 60% of kasturi serial viewers want him back so he should come back.
luv u
plzzzzzzzzzzzzz come back soon......

16 years ago

I really hope he is brought back. The show's spark will now be lost :(

16 years ago

pls come bc to kasturi
we love u jatin
i only watched kausturi bcs of u,
they should havee killed robby, he is a werdo,
whoever is righting thse script they better bring jatin bc bcs he is the one who making this soap attractive
so he better come bc

16 years ago

thanks for the article ...he better come bak the show is insanely ridiculous without his presence .....i was watching it becoz of him! they shud have killed off robbie :p he makes me sick!

16 years ago

i am shocked he died so soon...! the serial wont be the same without him... pls bring him back Ekta!

16 years ago

Thanks for the article Anju, Well Raunak's death came as a shock bcoz everything happened so fast. Jatin is definetely sourely missed by all his fans including me. Well glad to see him back in Kahani, seems like his track will be one of the important track yet again which is definetely interesting to watch. Hope for the best and also hoping that he returns back in Kasturi since he is one of the important pillars of Kasturi. Jatin u rock



16 years ago

i knew it from the very first day....KTH tit bits started being shown in kasturi tht he'll be shown the way too the heavens too....lol

16 years ago

he's the best thing in the show! :( why don't they kill off Robby instead??????

16 years ago

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