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If Masaan was popular, audience would have loved ‘Shalu Gupta’: Shweta Tripathi

Shweta Tripathi opened up about her character in Masaan and spoke about her character - Shalu Gupta’s relevance. She also spoke about her up upcoming short-film Laghushanka...

Shweta Tripathi

Courtesy : Shweta Tripathi

Shweta Tripathi has broken her girl-next-door image with her phenomenal performance in Mirzapur. The actress is known to have performed in some of the most critically acclaimed dramas that hold their relevance even today. However, her character Golu Gupta tops the list when it comes to being admired by the audience. 

You’ve made a mark for yourself through several projects which include Mirzapur, Masaan, Gone Kesh, Haraamkhor, and many more. Yet, why do you think Golu Gupta continues to be loved by the audience?

During a recent interaction, Shweta Tripathi was quizzed why Golu Gupta is admired compared to any other character. She says, 

Not only Golu Gupta. I think Shallu Gupta also has relevance even today. Mirzapur is the most commercial work that I've done and that is the first time I don't have to message the people to watch the show. People know Golu, but there's no love for Golu. But I'm sure if Masaan was that popular or any of the other characters or projects were that popular then they would have also received recognition.

- Shweta Tripathi

In a career span of 10-years, Tripathi has created a niche for herself in the industry with her projects including - Mirzapur, Masaan, Gone Kesh, Haraamkhor, and many more. 

Meanwhile, fans are excited about the much-awaited release of Mirzapur’s season 2. The makers have released dialogue promos back to back keeping the audience guessing on what path will the upcoming season take.

On the other hand, Shweta will be seen in Laghushanka which narrates the story of a young girl in her marriageable age, who is a bed-wetter. The short film will focus on educating the masses about the same and how people suffering from such medical conditions. 

Shweta also revealed how she was cast into this short-film saying, “Nikhil who is the writer and director of the short film approached me when he was writing this film. He wanted me to play the part and then we discussed it. Later, everybody thought I would be able to do justice to the character so he approached me. When I heard the narration I knew I had to do it because the script, the genre was something that had not explored much and I really liked all the characters because it was very real and very relatable.”

She further mentioned why she chose to do this film and how the subject holds relevance to the issues faced by the people in their daily lives. 

“I wanted to talk about this topic which is very sensitive and most of the time we believe our problem is the world’s biggest problem. But, there are similar problems that need to be spoken about. In fact, the film has a real-life relevance to it because Nikhil used to know a girl who had the same issue of bed-wetting, and everyone thinks this is funny and try to mock others but the person who has to go through it becomes extremely embarrassing and people don't realize it but it can be a sort of bullying in which you make the person suffer,” adds Shweta Tripathi.

Laghushanka stars Shweta Tripathi in the lead and marks the directorial debut of Nikhil Mehrotra.


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