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IF I Was... with the Dashing Vikas Manaktala!

Get Ready to sip thro' your Sunday's Coffee reading Situational IF I Was... Rapid Fires with the Dashing and Hot Huda of LRL fame...


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He is hot, He has won over the Hearts of Millions of girls!! Catch the very Popular Huda, i.e. Vikas Manaktala as he gets caught in a Maze of Situational IF I Was....If you want to know which song he likes the most and which is the best quality about Huda, dont miss reading this...

If I was to ask an actress out it would be…

Ash.. But darn, Abhishek has taken her. (Wink)

If I was to rate LRL compared to other shows…

Definitely, number one!

If you was a chocolate I would be…

Dutch Truffle

If I was asked to dance on any one song I would like to on right now..

Dhoom 2

If I was asked to sing one song right now…

I would sing Dhoom 2.. Its all Dhoom to the core…

Ok, will we see you performing on Dhoom 2..Ahh I wont tell you that.. You will have to see.. Who knows, may be soon or may be later.. it's a mystery..

If you had to pick one good quality about your character, it would be…

Many different shades

If you were offered a role in devdas…

I would pick Devdas

If I was asked to mention three things that you wouldn't compromise on…

Script, Hypocrites and my ..

A Message for your fans…

Keep watching LRL!!

Friends, that was the ever enigmatic 'Mr. Perfect' Vikas at his very best. Stay tuned to TellyBuzz for exciting chit - chats with your favorite stars.

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Vikkas Manaktala Dhoom 

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-Believe- 12 years ago The whole bollywood one way ya another way connected to Underworld.....its a lesson for all
psjiggy 11 years ago hi i'm ur biggest fan.
n i just luv u lyk hell.
n just luv ur ans n we have sumthin in common we both luv DHOOM2.
1 more thin-I LUV U
lulu_gr81989 13 years ago Cool Interview. Gr8 answers. He is still crazy abt Ash!!
pujark 13 years ago i love mohit malik.i would like to know more about him.
msaleem 13 years ago thank u 4 da pic its amazing and dashing!!!
tina_sre 13 years ago Thankx for the article....I just love watching LRL and my fav. r Capt. Rajveer,Naina & Huda....they r just awesome!
Super Kool
Super Kool 13 years ago thanx i luv him.He is so handsum.Grrr8 actor wid grrrr8 personality.A deadly combo.
fm05 13 years ago Thanks, lovely rapid fire. Best answer was what he would not compromise on!
maha786 13 years ago thx a lot for the interview gr8 ans and he does seems to b a dhoom fan
savan34 13 years ago u r really gud adn hot too i love to work with you.
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