"I'd play Rocket five times in the same movie for the price of one ticket" - Vrajesh Hirjee

In an exclusive conversation with us, Hirjee opened up on the pressure of voicing Rocket, the quirks of the character and other things.

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Vrajesh Hirjee

From being the man who has you laugh in splits as the snake-man in Golmaal series to having his off-screen and on-stage antics also be immense fun, Vrajesh Hirjee is indeed someone who needs no introduction.

And while for an actor like him, his physical presence is so important in comedy, the actor took on a big challenge playing the iconic role of Rocket in Audible's Marvel's Wastelanders: Star Lord.

In an exclusive conversation with us, Hirjee opened up on the pressure of voicing Rocket, the quirks of the character and other things.

Q. Rocket is now probably the most loved character in the MCU, especially after Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Did that play a role in your treatment towards voicing the character in this show, whether you where you wanted to fulfil the legacy in a certain way?
It definitely played a role in me asking for the money I did. Not that I got paid that much money (laughs). But anyway, Rocket would not really like to know what I have been paid. No, Yeah, I mean, I'm saying that there is of course a legacy to work with. But this (Wastelanders) has nothing to do with what we have seen on-screen. It is completely different. So there is a Rocket who is now much older than we've seen him, who's much more irritable. He's cranky, he's grumpy, He loves his friend, See, Rocket is saying friend. His old man, Star Lord.
But he's not about to take any nonsense from anyone, which, well he never did but he still had a certain amount of patience and you know, sagacity so to speak. You know at this point patience is out of the window. He just wants to take on everything and everyone is going to chew the ears of the villains of the post-apocalyptic world so to speak. So I'm saying that there is of course a great onus in terms of will I be able to live up!

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Q. You are known for his quirks and Rocket is also known for your quirks. Owing it to being palatable for Indian audience, are there certain must-haves or must-nots that you followed while playing this character?
Of course. I mean there were things that were aligned in the sand. This is the Indian version of what is revered in so many other countries across the universe. And for us, this was more than an adaptation. This was staying as true as we could possibly to what we've heard in English. So of course, except that, you know, for example, Rocket Racoon here in Mumbai and that is, you know, a question of relatability. But otherwise, yes, for example, the humor is not something that is thrown into your listeners. Here in this case, so to speak. It's very understated. It's still very funny. So yeah, there were definitely lines in the sand.

Q. If a Hindi on screen adaptation is ever made, would you love to play Rocket again? Or someone else?
What are you even asking me? I'll play Rocket five times in the same movie. For the price of 1 ticket.

Marvel's Wastelanders: Star Lord is available to stream on Audible.

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